Pukaar – Voice of Earth, Initiation by Young People to Spread Greenery in the city

bhuvenshu ojha pukaar
Bhuvenshu Ojha

Pukaar, a group of young men in the world was launched, aiming to promote greenery. Pukaar, a young organization that is fully driven by youth and it is a Non-Profit Organization. 

The initiation was started on 03/10/2013 by 17-year-old founder Bhuvenshu Ojha from his colony. Now it spread across the city and most of the people respect the cause and helping him to spread the green revolution. 

Motive (AIM) of Pukaar:-

Call re-introduced by the founder of  bio-Vivddhta to Jivit and citizens, aiming to add natural resources was back. Today rising pollution, deteriorating balance of environmentalist, Vriksho harvesting etc. because the only humanitarian act, calling the society to be aware of the younger generation, back from my responsibilities and duties is striving to add.

As part of this call to citizens, each Sunday around 2 hours to the environment and society initiative.

November 10, 2013 by calling the team celebrated its first Sunday was Z which its founder and his four friends together Stith road cleaning planted on a nearby road. Since then Yj teams every Sunday to clean the city’s public places to Pudharopan coming. And various team building care of all these plants is too.

Pukaar 2
Team Pukaar with Bhuvenshu Ojha

Achievements of Pukaar:

  • Call the organization since 77 Sunday November 10, 2013 By far my objective has been dedicated to.
  • So far, more than 11 public parks consisting of 15 cleaning public places more than 700 trees have been planted.
  • When in public places IIM-Udaipur (IIM-U), Mohanlal Sukdia University relating to science, including Mhowidhyaly
  • Call the city’s science team in Mhowidhyaly has built a mini-forest.
  • Call the organization in November 2014 by the prestigious Lovely Professional University– in Jalandhar his works have been performed by PPT
  • More than 150 volunteers joined in the squad by now have been.
  • The team works 92.7 FM, Rajasthan Patrika, Dainik Bhaskar, etc. have been praised.
  • town by the then District Collector Ashutosh Pednekr praised the team’s objective has been.
  • The entire system of the youth team is the same.
  • youth organization to call social media like facebook, twitter and via WhatsApp is conscious, which is more than 5,000 associated civilian.

Facebook page of Pukaar : https://www.facebook.com/pukaar

Twitter Profile: @Pukaarudaipur 

We Salute to the Team of Pukaar and Bhuvenshu Ojha for the Effort to spread Green revolution across Udayapur . 

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