Punjab University Propose Fees Hike After IIM


After IIM decided to to Hike the fees , Punjab University Now proposing to hike the fees for Self financing course for the year 2015 – 16. The hike will be 5% on tuition fees for the student enrolled for teaching departments , Institutes and regional centers. The proposed fees comes with a lower limit of Rs 500 Rs 2000 as on Upper Limit.

The fees hike is now under the approval of syndicate committee of the University. The fee hike will be a burden to the students as it it is already in the Higher side. It is very difficult o get a job in the Market after doing Self Financing course and this fee hike will give a shock to the students of Punjab University.

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It is not only the possible way to beet the the inflation , there are so many ways to collect the funds for the education. University can assign sponsors for the Events and other things happening in the University to manage the Fees hike .

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