Question about Education System, Ruby Rai – Fake Class 12 Topper Arrested


She Answered Political Science is the subject of Cooking in front of a TV Interview and Now arrested by Special Task force of Bihar. Ruby Rai – Fake Class 12 Topper Arrested for cheating in Class 12 Examination this year. She is unable to answer the simple question about the subjects questioned by on of the TV Journalist after the announcement of Result of class 12 Examination.

Indian Education System will be degraded if this kind of situation will happen. Cheating in Examination is a crime and it has to stop to improve the Education System in India. In 2015 reported open cheating in Bihar Board Examination.

As per NDTV report, King Pin of Bihar cheating was arrested who is the secretary-cum principal of Bishun Rai College and Ruby Rai is Topper from same College.

Read Complete Report Here From NDTV. 

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