A Quick Guide to Online Examination


Now a days most of the entrance examination is online mode to avoid the paper work. Online examination provide accuracy and not take too much time to publish the result. Online Examination is now standard norm of most of the testing service. Lacks of students are giving online line examination.

As online Examinations is going ahead a standard norm for all the Testing service , we have to prepare our self to beat the heat . By knowing better to online examination you will get comfort to the system and will not consume more time for the test.

For online Examination, candidate must carry ID Proof to the Testing center.

User id and Password for the Online Examination :-

For any of the online examination , user id and password is must. User Id and Password is provided by the Testing authority either at the time of registration to the examination or upfront at the time of the examination. Don’t for got the credentials , most of the online examination does not have password reset option.

Be Ready and Be Comfort :-

As we always face offline examination previously it is little bit comfort to face online mode first time. so, try to do practice test before the test. At least try 5 to 6 time Practice test to get into the comfort zone. ¬†Understand the functionality of the test first, read the instruction carefully. Know about “back Button ” use, because some of the testing service disable the back button facility in the test.

Answering Procedure :-

In online, there are two way of answer the question, either you have to click the radio Button or have to write something as answer. To answer multiple choice question, use Mouse to click over that.

Must Save Before Next :-

It is most important to save before going next page. Saving must be important , because if back button is disabled you can not return back page to answer the question again and also it will attract extra time from your test.

Must Think About Timer:-

In every Test , right hand side to the Online Paper one timer detect your time and progress of the test. It will show your speed and progress about your going test. Don’t be panic with short time, most of the examination contain negative mark , so in panic don’t choose wrong answer .

Submit and Finish :-

At end of the test you must have submit the paper before leaving the test premises. Without submit the test paper will not go for the evaluation. Revise again if the test has the option to. Also check the progress chart, it may give you idea about number of question you have attempt and left accidentally.

It’s advisable to give online practice test before going any of the online examination. You can not assure that all the online Examination is alike, they have different format to other, but you may get confidence on your own to handle the Online test.

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