How Ransphire is helping students to find the right coaching center in the city?


Each year more than 10 lakh students appear for Engineering and Medical Entrance Exams. Most of them take coaching for their JEE/Neet preparations.

The main problem which these students face is choosing the right coaching center, as all coaching centres claim to be the best and many show fake or disguising statistics. Though one can find information regarding various coaching on the Internet, but it is difficult to find good, genuine and detailed reviews.

So, Ransphire came up to help such students, by providing them with Ratings and Reviews of Coaching Centres all over India.

How Ransphire is helping Students to search right Coaching Centre?

We make sure that all the reviews are from students who are studying or have studied in the respective coaching so that other students can get real feedback of those coachings.

Students compare between different coachings and then take the decision on which coaching they wish to opt for.

coaching center in the cityAs many students wish to prepare in their hometown and many in cities like Kota or Hyderabad (which are famous for JEE/Neet preparation), we have listed the coachings as per their cities, so that you can specifically see coachings in a particular city.

We have also taken into consideration that there are many students who have a few specific queries about some coaching institutions, so for this, we have added “Ask a Question” feature, wherein you can ask questions related to coaching institutions, and our reviewers will answer it.

Search Coaching center in Your city.

We have also added many toppers with us who can personally guide students on how to prepare, which coaching to choose etc.

We also have a blog platform in which our trusted authors write blogs on various topics related to coachings and entrance preparation like Best Coaching For IIT in India, how to prepare for Jee etc.

We have listed 50+ coachings for Jee in major cities in India like Kota, Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore etc and have 200+ reviews and we are aiming to increase it to 100+ coachings within few months.

Our aim is to guide every student to opt the best for himself and not just go by the crowd. As career is the most important for any person and JEE/NEET preparation is one of the most important parts of their life, we wish to help them out the best we can. As everybody knows that everybody is equally talented, it’s just the right decisions which students take, which creates their destiny.

The confusion of which coaching to choose is faced by most students and was also faced by our founders during their JEE preparation.

How Ransphire initiated?

One of our founders, Ankit, was from a small town. He wished to get admission in best coaching for his JEE preparation but was tired of getting different suggestions from different people. He googled about it, but each website had the different ranking and they did not show why their ranking is correct.

There were a few websites which showed reviews, but it did not help as either the reviews were not descriptive or there were reviews of multiple reviews given by the same person, which created a doubt in him about the authenticity of the reviews.

So, he had to go to those coachings and get the information from the students studying there. In this world of Internet, where every information seems to be there on the web, the presence of genuine and authentic reviews is lacking. So, after many years we decided to build it.

We are happy to see the response. Students and parents from all over India call and mail us about how our platform was helpful to them, and this gives a great satisfaction to us and zeal to grow.

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