Why should i Read College News Letter ?


When I look around in my college, there are things that I want to make better, things that need to be highlighted and given more importance to, things that are not known by many. There is only one solution that can cater to all these requirements- a college newsletter.

news letterA college newsletter can give information about the facilities that the college provides to the students(many students in the college are unaware of these), can also post important announcements, or about events that will be conducted in the college. Not only this, the students acing in their ongoing projects would be mentioned in the newsletter, their work then being recognized and appreciated by everyone in the college, including the college authorities. The college can have its own ‘placement statistics’ column, wherein the statistics of the number of students getting placed in each department will be mentioned, making the students aware of where their college currently stands.

A newsletter also contains interviews of exceptionally talented students/professors. It’s not rare that many students find their inspiration in this column. All this, and the students also get updated with the current affairs in the town, state and country. Whatever the student wants is right there in the newsletter. Also, the crew handling the newsletter is an all student crew which gives them a chance to explore their talent by writing articles for different columns, by thinking out of the box and writing about something that can grab and keep the attention of the readers into reading the newsletter.

There can be a healthy spirit promoted by having student council election for the post in heading the editing the newsletter. Now we know how it can benefit the college and the students both. If you don’t have a newsletter in your college, you know what to do, start one right away!

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Archana Belurgikar
Archana currently pursuing her B.E. in Instrumentation Technology at R.V. College of Engineering. Writing has always been her passion since childhood. She is also the chief editor of 'Ensemble'- the official newsletter of Entrepreneurship Cell, RVCE. She believe in leaving behind a mark in the society, and bringing new thoughts that stir the minds of people.