Reading Newspaper -How it is helpful?


Do you read Newspaper? Let’s know, What is the benefit of Reading Newspaper daily.

A newspaper is a publication which contains written information about current events. The newspaper covers many fields such as politics, sports, business, art, weather forecast, and reviews, education-related information’s like exam date announcement, for example, JEE advanced Results, CAT 2018 etc.

As IRS Report 39% of Indians Read news papers.

The total number of registered newspapers stood at 82,237 of which 4,853 new newspapers were registered during 2010- 11. [Source]

Newspaper even provides materials such as opinion columns, birth notices, death notices, crosswords, editorial cartoons, comic strips and advice columns.

Newspaper have been traditionally published in print usually on cheap, low-grade paper called newsprint.

However, today most of the newspapers are published on websites as online newspapers. All the exam information like CAT 2018 will be published in newspaper.

NewspaperNewspapers developed in the 17th century, as information sheets for businessmen.By the 19th century many cities, north, and South America already started using newspapers.

In ancient Rome for the announcement of any government notice bulletin, they were carved on metal or stone and posted on the public place like plaza etc. Early in China, the government produced news sheets named Dibao (ancient Chinese Gazette).

This Dibao was circulated amongst the court officials during the second and third centuries AD named as Han Dynasty. The Bulletin of the Court of the Chinese Tang Dynasty distributed government news which was written by government officials on silk and red.

In the Late Ming Dynasty, 1582 Beijing Privately published news sheets. Early modern Europe due to the vast surge of cross-border communication shaped the need for information which was met by brief handwritten news sheets.

In 1556 Venice government published monthly news sheets at a cost of one gazette, a small coin. These newsletters were handwritten and used to transfer news related to politics, military, economic news etc.

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Newspaper shares information collected from around the globe. It helps in developing new ideas, even helps in personality development.

We can say that we are living in a newspaper culture society. In every language, every man gets benefited from the newspaper.

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The newspaper has a major role in a reduction or controlling of corruption and scams as the newspaper is a mode of mass communication. It helps in creating social awareness. In modern life, newspaper has a major part to play.

With the invention of media, the popularity of newspaper become very less. But the value still persists.

Newspaper and news play a major role in the development of education as students get much information related to their studies and public awareness. They broaden the outlook. They act great social reformers and public educator. They are the great orator of human ethics and representatives of the human mind. They carry on a movement against fallacies or delusions, false beliefs, and radicalism.

Newspaper helped in removing of countries evil and ethical weakness. Newspaper can misguide public estimations on important matters or topics.

Newspapers are a very influential weapon for beading and guiding public judgments. Four grave newspaper, said Napoleon, are more to be dreaded than a thousand swords. Hitler once said, “I want to play on the press as on a piano. That is why political parties run their own newspapers”.

In short term, newspapers are extremely useful to the public in general.

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