Who said Entrepreneurs can’t be made??


It’s an age old question: Are Entrepreneurs born or made?

They say that Entrepreneurs are born and can’t be made, so everybody cannot be an entrepreneur. And the debate is still on. To give them an answer, IITs are planning to integrate entrepreneurship in their curriculum. IITs have always been creating stream of entrepreneurs, among which a few have really been successful.

Till now there have been Entrepreneurship cell in colleges which have encouraged aspirants to do wonders. But there are a few colleges which offer courses on entrepreneurship to support the aspirants in terms of skills and knowledge. A few existing colleges which are already providing Entrepreneurship courses are Amity Business School, D Y Patil (Mumbai University), Delhi Business School, Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India, IIM Bangalore, IIM Indore, IIPM, ISB Hyderabad, XIME Bangalore and XLRI Jamshedpur.


IITs are joining them by bringing entrepreneurship in their BTech curriculum. IIT Delhi has already introduced courses on entrepreneurship. IITs Kharagpur and Hyderabad are set to launch minor as well as elective courses on this. IITs Madras, Mumbai, Kanpur, Patna and Mandi are also in the race by introducing the subject in elective or minor along with their BTech courses. IIT Gandhinagar is offering entrepreneurship as both elective and minor. Faculties are giving their views on this and saying it can be encouraged and made an exclusive course altogether with time.

Entrepreneurs across the nation are giving their views about the changes and saying it will definitely be helpful for aspirants who have hidden fire in them but are not able to get directions to make it possible. Focus on creating entrepreneurs will definitely be a wonderful revolution for the nation in creating new ways of establishing businesses and opening new job opportunities for others. So, let’s create a better India.

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Nahid Khan
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