Sandeep Maheswari : How Students can Find the Zeal to Succeed


sandeep maheswariSandeep Maheswari, the CEO and Founder of , world’s largest collection of royalty free Indian images, provide free motivational seminars for students to succeed in life. His success story itself has been a constant source of motivation for many. His focus in such seminars has been to bring erring students in the right track. Maheswari says that the main problem for students nowadays has been the excessive addiction to various social networking sites also intoxicants leading to a dangerous addiction as well as their indecisiveness.

Students lack the motivation or what he calls the “burning desire” which ultimately aids in their success. But how can one motivate oneself to reach the desired goal? The solution he says is simple. Observing a life of pleasure, he says students often avoid the path of pain. However, he gives a direct motto, “No pain, no gain.” In this paradoxical situation he says we have to constantly push ourselves to find that one reason which will make us work towards our goal.

Maheswari implores the power of the conscious part of the brain which is extremely powerful. He counters that the brain is like a horse and if we do not know to control the rein, then it can easily go in the wrong direction. And the will to keep our brain in the right track can be provided by none but our own self. He focuses on our inner power, inspiration and intelligence, channeling which we can achieve anything and everything. For this he says we should avoid the path of giving excuses.

A thing of primary importance as seen his seminar is the purpose of Valid Goal Setting. According to Maheswari, if a valid goal is set than half the work is accomplished. For this one has to think and decide and once decided student should not budge to give their 100%. Avoiding bad pleasures which sucks us in the blind whole of failure, Maheshwari says each and everyone has that potential to become a person of their choice.

Inspiration coming from within can be the only true source of fuelling motivation. Being a distracted and unmotivated person himself once in his life, Maheshwari realises and helps others figure out the way towards a bright future. From once scoring a mere 50% in class, he flourished to become one of India’s leading entrepreneurs. Maheswari thus poses a question, if he can then why can’t we?

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Rituparna Das
Student Reporter at Linkfried, Rituparna is a student of Yadavpur University, Calcutta. She writes about Education News, Information , announcement From calcutta.