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Shanmugha Arts, Science, Technology and Research Academy, shortly referred as SASTRA University. A deemed university which is open to every Merit student irrespective of any reservation category. The main advantage of getting into this university is, one can find almost everyone resembling their own characteristics. Everyone out in here is a meritorious student. Always one can find a positive vibe echoing in every inch of the campus.

History of SASTRA University takes us back to 1984, known as Shanmugha College of Engineering under Bharithidasan University’s affiliation. In 2001 it was renamed to be known as Shanmugha Arts, Science, Technology and Research Academy. SASTRA University is the first university in Tamil Nadu to acquire the Deemed University status. SrinivasaRamanujam Centre is under SASTRA University’s affiliation.

The campus occupies an area of over 2,000,000 square feet and houses a population of over 9,000 students.The institute has 9 different boys’ hostels and 5 different girls’ hostels providing accommodation to over 5000 boys and 3000 girls. There are separate facilities for sports and body building for both boys and girls. There are 30 Guest rooms with all basic amenities catering to satisfy the needs of the guests who visit SASTRA University.

sastra universityWhole of the campus is networked with a 1.5 GB fibre-optic cable. SASTRA is Wi-Fi enabled to provide wireless access to the 366 Mbit/s internet leased line for bothof the students and faculty. Campus-wide wireless connectivity has been installed at a cost of over Rs.35 lakhs which provides a wire-less seamless internet connectivity to anybody and anywhere in the campus. Important lectures can be recorded using the Tegrity cart and can be uploaded to the server and also can be maintained in the library for use by all the institute members.Both the students and the faculty members are provided with a Network Attached Storage facility, a facility which is known to be platform-independent and can be accessible throughout the campus.

The admission process in SASTRA University is purely based on merit. The counselling is conducted during end of June with college being reopened for freshers in mid of July. Admission is based on the aggregate marks secured by the individual in +2. The +2 marks are normalized in order to gather students from different boards of education under one roof. A first rank student of each board is considered to have obtained 100% of the marks and aggregate mark of all other students of the other boards are normalized with reference to first ranker and are given a rank, through which the selection process is accomplished.

The university has been recognized as a Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation by the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, by the government of India. Which was ranked 10th among private engineering colleges in the country by Outlook 2008. SASTRA University’s School Of Chemical and Biotechnology was ranked to be top among all private institutions in the country and 2nd in India considering Public and Private Universities. National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC), an autonomous body established by the University Grants Commission has re-accredited the University with A-grade. SASTRA University has been accredited with A-grade (Highest) by Tata Consultancy Services,putting it in the elite company of premier institutes.

There are many Cultural and Technical festivals held in the University. In 2006, the Cult team, revived the intra-college cultural fests that were once held. The name suggested by the students, “Carpe Diem”, to invoke one’s talents and seize the day. Kuruksastra is a war of talent in the competitions. The fest include Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, and English Literary events along with Music, Dance and Gaming events. It started the tradition of hosting musical celebrities for a “Pro Night” show with singers such as Shankar MahadevanKarthikHaricharan, Shakti Shree Gopalan, NareshIyer. It had over more than 1200 participants from many renowned Universities across South India, making it one of the largest cultural festivals in the country. At the same period of time, the university’s first inter-college technical fest, Daksh, is also conducted, a week prior to KurukSastra. Generally, the fests start with the technical festival DAKSH and end with the cultural festival KurukSastra.

 There are different schools for each of the branches. There are schools like:

  1. School of Chemical and Biotechnology [SCBT] referred as JVC
  2. School of Computing [SOC] referred as ChithVihar
  3. School of Mechanical Engineering [SOME] referred as VKJ
  4. School of Civil Engineering [SOCE] referred as NirmanVihar
  5. School of Electrical and Electronics Engineering [SEEE] referred as VidyutVihar
  6. School of Humanities and Sciences referred as VaniVihar
  7. School of Management [SOM] referred as ChanakyaVihar
  8. School of Law referred as VidyaVihar

And also departments like:

  1. Centre for Advanced Research in Indian System of Medicine [CARISM]
  2. Centre for Nanotechnology and Advanced Biomaterials [CeNTAB]
  3. Directorate of Distance Education – SASTRA
  4. Tifac-Core for Advanced Computation

Finally, SASTRA University is like a sacred place to every individual studying in there. All the hostellers feel that it is a home away from home. To be precise, the modern motto of students, “Know SASTRA, Know Fun”. But the motto which defines SASTRA University is, “Progress through quality education”. One can learn many things from this university. If You Learn, Enjoy, Prosper, Mingle, Progress at the same time, then You are a SASTRAite.

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