Saurashtra University: First to build a Smart Campus Cloud Network

Saurashtra University

Smart Campus Cloud Network (SCCN) is an incredible initiative which is the brainchild of the famous Human Resource Development Manager of India. According to resources, this unique project is a fine blend of education, technology, and many other domains and when we speak about the purpose and the impact of this project, it cannot be denied that this project has large dimensions. On the long-run, this project is meant to impact the Sustainable Development Goals(SDG).

Saurashtra University: The first one in the row

The aim of the SCCN is to ensure that the students contribute towards the development of smart cities by means of experimental innovations to reduce the environmental pollution and to utilize the renewable sources of energy in a comparatively better way.

Now the question arises who will be the pioneer of this versatile movement.

The answer to this question is Saurashtra University which has taken up the huge responsibility of implementing this magnificent idea within its network as well as other academic institutions.

Saurashtra UniversityWhy is Smart Campus Cloud Network (SCCN)  a unique initiative?

We all know about the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, but in order to achieve these goals, the amount of effort shown by the world is not worth appreciation.

If India contributes towards reaching these goals as soon as possible, the whole world will be impacted.

Apart from this, unemployment is a rising issue in India as due to several incompetency factors such as dissatisfaction with academic as well as professional life, lack of proper guidance in education and much more, the students or specifically, the youth is not enjoying participation in their subsequent work which leads to employer dissatisfaction as well. This is a chain mechanism which inculcates into an increasing rate of unemployment in India.

The Smart Campus Cloud Network has been proposed to combat these issues in India and to achieve a better progress towards achieving the SDGs.

India has more than 1 million schools and education centers, and the main aim of such institutions is to create a proper environment for education so as to provoke any human being to think with his or her utmost wisdom.

Somehow, this is not achieved everywhere and to take care of this, Smart Campus Cloud Network has been initiated. SCCN is a fine blend of technologies such as big data, Artificial Intelligence and much more.

The major aim of this virtual network is to ensure that the wisdom of the youth of India is properly utilized through challenging practical participation which are specially designed with the vision of ‘learning by doing’, this data and information is also transferred by means of real-time cloud network so that the other campuses are benefited by the same and to ensure that a proper network is formed to satisfy the ‘Campus Community’.

How did Saurashtra University carry out with this initiative?    

Saurashtra University in Rajkot has carried out this responsibility in a meticulous manner and has proved to the world that any organization can contribute towards making this world a better place.

When this huge campus has shown its expertise to spread the word, very soon other institutions will also adopt this amazing technology.

The primary job which it did was to implement the smart campus cloud network within its own student body. Gradually, with the success, the news about the initiative was spread to the other affiliated colleges under Saurashtra University.

The reason why this particular initiative by Saurashtra University is being appreciated so much is that through this institution, the promotion has been made in a very prompt manner and with each and every day, this initiative of smart campus cloud network is being spread to other institutions in a cumulative manner.

Impact upon students:

As revealed by Saurashtra University, the initiative to develop a smarter world will be in collaboration with other organizations such as NGOs. Through the work, the students will realize the importance of a sustainable environment or community and then they will work more towards achieving the same.

According to resources, the students will be benefited in the following manner through the proper implementation of smart campus cloud network:

  1. Through this incredible network, the students will understand the importance as well as the implementation of renewable sources of energy by means of innovations in the above-mentioned domain.
  2. The amount of work or development will be shared by means of real-time cloud network which will help the other academic institutions in the network, as well as the students who are actively involved in the procedure, will experience a better insight of data analytics and related concepts.
  3. Another one major focus area is to ensure that there is a subsequent reduction of the carbon footprints. With the initiation of this project, the students associated with it will gain more knowledge about the same and this will help them to implement these technologies in future towards the betterment of the world.

According to resources, more than 15 schools which are located in Brazil and Peru have adopted this initiative.

The question arises whether this initiative of Saurashtra University will reach the masses at a higher rate than the usual. The response should be promising in order to make a noticeable difference in the world.

Although the above-mentioned institution has started working towards the development of the concept, it lies in a nascent state. In order to make the movement a bigger one, there should be maximum participation from the other academic institutions as well as non-academic partners to ensure the major outreach of the smart campus cloud network.

The outcome of this project will be a grand one if executed in a proper manner as it has spread to other parts of South-East Asia.

The fine blend of the Internet of Things, Big data analytics, as well as artificial intelligence, makes it attractive in front of the tech geeks, and apart from that, there is involvement of other organizations such as Research and Rehabilitation for the Environment Policy Center and much more.

The concept which is so enriched in its depths will be cherished by the entire world one day due to its success and versatility.

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