Scheme of Pre Matric Scholarship for OBC Students for Studying in India


Its been almost six decades since our country’s independence. But still lack of education is a crisis that is challenging the country till date. The literacy rates amongst the backward classes and especially women is staggeringly low even in 2015. The government has made certain progress throughout the years, no doubt, but it isn’t enough and to overcome this crisis we’re facing at the moment is going to take a lot of time in the future too. After looking into it, what we get to see and what we realize is that the educational and economic support towards these people who are considered as the backward classes is not adequate and proper as to the people who are of the so called non-backward classes.

The position of women in terms of literacy among OBCs population is also a cause of concern. Considering the important role of women in shaping the size of the family and outlook of its members, investment in improving education among women of these communities will not only improve their social and economic status, but will also help in accelerating the socio-economic development of these communities and the nation as a whole.

A scheme of Prematric Scholarship for the benefit of children belonging to Weaker Section amongst OBCs has been formulated with the object in view.

Eligibility :-

This scholarship will only be sanctioned in the case of candidates whose parents/guardians income from all sources does not go over Rs.44,500/year.

Duration and Course :-

The scholarships may be given to the students enrolled in class I or any subsequent class of pre-matric stage in the case of day scholars, and class III or any subsequent class of pre-matric stage in the case of hostlers. The scholarship will terminate at the end of class X. The duration of scholarship in an academic year will be a period of 10 months.

Institution :-

The scholarship will be valid only in such institutions and for prematriculation courses, which are recognized by the State Government and Union Territory Administrations who are concerned in it.

Coverage Value and AD-Hoc Grant :-

For ones in Hostels – The candidates will be covered for from class III to X. The monetary amount of scholarships will be as under:-

Class III to VIII Rs.200/- per month for 10 months

Class IX to X Rs.250/- per month for 10 months

For one who are to be Day Schooling – The students falling under this category will be covered for from Class I to X. The amounts of scholarships will be as under:-

Class I to V Rs.25/- per month for 10 months

Class VI to VIII Rs.40/- per month for 10 months

Class IX to X Rs.50/- per month for 10 months

Ad-HOC Grant – An ad-hoc grant for the amount of Rs.500/- per student per annum to all students i.e. hostlers as well as day scholars will also be given.

This aforementioned scheme will be brought into implementation and will be administered by the State Government/Union territory concerned and will be done in accordance to their rules and regulations. They will  also be responsible for the selection of students for this scholarship. They will also be in charge of the supply of application forms which should be received by the Department along with the certificate.

All in all these grant and scholarship schemes to help the underprivileged have a far better future than they could imagine seems to be a big step in the advancement of our country.

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