School Fees hike Rolled back by Delhi Govt


As per the report of the TOI Delhi Govt Rolled back, fees hike in Delhi. An order issued to two branches of DPS and GD Salwan Public School in Rajendra Nagar Area. 

The Step was taken by the Govt after receiving allegation from 250 parents about the fees hike without prior permission from the Govt. Allegation was made to Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia. The School has increased the fees of 12% for entry level classes and 10% for Senior classes. 

Along with the Class fees , Schools are charging for Mid-day mills and forcing to buy Books and transport from the School vendors.  Also, an allegation is for charging fees for books and Uniform from economically weaker section (EWS) students. 

Salwan Public School is directed to refund the enhanced fees they are collected from the parents for the Academic year 2016-17. 

As per the order, School shall not force to buy Books from the vendors fixed by the School management. No fees Should be charged from economically weaker section (EWS) students for Books and Uniforms. 

This is a good move by the Delhi Govt and we hope same will be applied in other states soon. Education is the backbone of the country and giving importance to the education will improve the economic stability in the country.

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal twitted the move immediately.

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