How you see the world in Gandhi’s Eye ?


Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, We called as Bapu, With more respect our currency gives a wink to remember every time when we think about living. Every morning when you saw the sun, you feel Sun is yours. That Bapu Did for us. By Empowering the individual for the freedom is not an easy task but he accomplish with lots of sacrifices. We respect him from Heart. 

As per Gandhi ji Fundamental, we should not lose faith in Humanity.We got a lot of lesson from Gandhi ji that can change our life towards humanity. 

Humanity is an ocean, If few Drops of the Ocean are dirty, the Ocean does not Become Darty. 

Be the part of the Society, cleanness is the most important to live life better. We have to clean ourself with positive thoughts and our society by contributing positiveness to other. If you want to see the changes in the world, first you have to change yourself towards change. Start from yourself rather than waiting start from others. 

Gandhi Ji Quote


Gandhi ji Photo


See the world in the people, start loving people, automatically society will change and every body will love other. Effort should be continuous and continuity will evolve to the result. 

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