SIBM Annual Fest : In Search for Victor Ludorum


SIBM Bangalore comes back to you with its annual fest, the theme this time being, ‘In Search For Victor Ludorum’.

According to the very talented organizers of this event, there are many rifts in the world of warriors. Some are Victors, the others are Defeatists. Now these are the ones who reach out for the stars. Winning doesn’t mean you are the real winner, you are a true winner only when you rule them all, as said by Victor Ludorum.

revelation 2015SIBM Bangalore is going to conduct the following events:

1.Colossal Clash- The Flagship Event, A solo event where participants will deal with all aspects related to management.

  1. Paribhraman- This event will deal with marketing, raising funds, advertising, Personal Relations, etc
  2. Finascere- This event will test the participants on their financial skills and how they can deal with financial contingencies.
  3. Prayukti- HR event will deal in all aspects of HR. All roles related to HR in a firm and their respective problems.
  4. Provenance- This event is based on troubles related to operations in a firm. Various rounds will test the capability of participants on how to handle problems and improve the operations capability of a firm.
  5. Razzmatazz- The Dance Competition
  6. En Vogue- The Fashion Show
  7. Rangmanch- The Dramatics competition
  8. Crescendo- Battle Of Bands
  9. Basketball
  10. Football

The requirements of the participants include:

  • ID Cards and Dongles are a must
  • The participants should report at 9AM on 21stJanuary, 2014
  • The participation is required in all the 5 functional events for the overall trophy
  • Participants from outside Bangalore are requested to carry an extra pair of clothes & other essentials as the event runs for 2 days

The judges’ decision will be final and binding. Accommodation for the participants outside Bangalore will be provided, however conditions apply. The organizers have the right to make any changes in the sequence and timing of the events, if required.

You can visit the site to register, and for further information.

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