Why Skill development is necessary for today’s scenario?


“Rishabh goes to an interview, accompanied by his high degrees obtained in the concerned field and he was filled with hopes. An interviewer asks the questions, Rishabh responds hesitatingly.

After the interview, he waits for the results desperately. But sadly despite possessing required educational qualifications, he gets rejected on the grounds of lack of skills required by the company”.

Does the story of Rishabh sound familiar to you? Or have you been through the same? One may ask what are these skills which are preferred over the educational qualifications or professional knowledge.

Skill developmentWell, these are soft skills. Though Rishabh had degrees which were required he lacked in other skills like communication skills or interpersonal skills which are in high demand today. These skills are the major cause of productivity of an organization today and hence are the prerequisites to become employable.

Skill development is crucial in terms of the growth of the overall nation’s economy, especially in today’s scenario. Skill enhances the quality and efficacy of work and results in the productivity and economic growth.

Need and demand for skilled workforce have increased in every job sector.

But sadly in India, education system lays emphasis only on hard skills and not on soft skills which are equally important and responsible for the individual growth.

Soft skills are often undervalued; sometimes it also happens due to an assumption that these soft skills are inherent and universal. But it is not true as not everyone possess the ability to acquire these skills on its own.

Intensive and proper training is mandatory to stock an individual with the required skills. We have to realize that Imparting education or professional knowledge is not enough, providing quality skill training is also necessary to make an individual job ready.

Lack of skills can pose an obstacle in your way or may snatch away opportunities from your hands and obstruct you from achieving your goals.

Not possessing quality skills is the major reason behind the increasing Unemployability in India.

It is a common belief that India suffers from Unemployment but the bitter truth is that opportunities are waiting but we are not yet ready to grab it. Unemployability is the major ground for the increasing unemployment in India.

According to statistics, only 47% of people in India are employable.  National Employability Report in 2014 said that only 18.43% of graduate engineers out of 6 lakhs are employable for the software engineer-IT services role.

Other statistics show that India has only 2% of the skilled workforce as compared to other nations like South Korea which has 96%, China has 45%, the USA consists 50-55% and Germany has 74%.

The government’s analysis concludes that by 2022, around 109 million skilled workers will be needed in the 24 key sectors of the economy. Source: Daily Pioneer 

So it is clearly apparent from these statistics that there is a huge gap between the supply and demand of skilled labor that needs to be bridged. And mere theoretical knowledge is not enough. Formal education is not sufficient to make you employable.

It is claimant to furnish our working population with employability skills.

Soft Skills are the personal attributes that define your overall personality.

Skills like Communication skills, interpersonal skills, leadership skills, behavioral skills, and work ethics are must today to increase productivity competency.

In today’s world of technological advancement, owning required skills complements your personality and embellishes your resume.

It makes you stand out of the crowd. It adds confidence and positive attitude in your personality that draws people near you easily.

why Skill DevelopmentTalent is naïve but skills are acquired through quality training.

Thus we need more skill development programs or training to make people job ready and satisfy industrial requirements.

So we need to comprehend the need for Skill development for individual and organizational growth which in turn leads to the country’s growth. Though there are institutes or Organizations which understand its importance and hence are contributing towards bridging the gap between education and employment.

They provide training to enhance your skills to make you job ready. They are inducing the copious pool of talent and skills in India.

One of them is Digital Acharya, who with association with Talent Holic provides skill development programs and pieces of training as per trending needs to make you industry ready.

They specialize and improve your communication, Behavioral, Writing, negotiation & convincing skills.

They groom you and develop your personality and increase your skillset.

Providing quality training is their main agenda which is quite a scarce attribute to be found these days.


So now that we know how important it is to be equipped with both hard and soft skills to make a better living in today’s highly competitive world, so it is a time to take a step forward in order to armor yourself with these skills.

Skill development is very important which is only possible through quality training. We need to focus on it as much as on traditional education to make people employable and create more job opportunities.

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