So you think you can work ? Well think twice….


Everyone’s wishes to secure a placement after graduation . Afterall we all are studying vigorously only to secure a god job for ourselves. However just think, India which is the home to the second largest population of the world can it provide job opportunities to all of its citizens?

Lets introduce you all to the word “UNEMPLOYMENT”. Unemployment occurs when people are willing to word but there are no job opportunities available for them. This is one of the greatest economic issues faced by our country. In a country of billions the thought of unemployment brings tension to everyone. So where does the problem of unemployment arise from in our country?

looking for job_linkfriedIt is a well known fact that India is a densely populated country. The population is increasing manifold, however the jobs and the avenues cannot be increased in the same proportion so naturally, a large section of the society is rendered unemployed. The problem of  unemployment among the educated youth is altogether more serious. Educated youth get disheartened and frustrated when they fail to secure a job on the best of their qualification. They tend to turn hostile and fall prey to the antisocial elements in the society.

Secondly, the mindset and the mentality of the people needs to be altered. Everyone desires for an office job. This is not at all possible. People must be more prone to venture out and take risks in life rather than playing it safe always.

Moreover even our education system is to be blamed. Our education should make the students self sufficient. It should be made more practical and technical rather than confining it only to the walls of a classroom. Also it is a general tendency that if you are well acquainted with the person of the recruitment faculty your chances of securing a job is higher. In such practices the person who is more deserving is unable top secure a placement for himself and this badly affects the mental state of the person .

Our country suffers from economic slowdown and slower business expansion because of this.Reports from ministry of Statistics and Programmes implement state that despite Kerala having the highest literacy rate it also has the highest unemployment rate. In such cases people move on to robbery, theft, murder and other criminal activities for meeting their needs. Drug addiction, frustration, depression and even suicides by and large are caused by the widespread unemployment in the country.

The problem of unemployment cannot be got into control unless the population is checked. Therefore techniques like family planning should be actively implemented.

A change in the attitude of boys and girls is needed. All of them are interested in holding a corporate job. They are not keen on starting their own business or small scale industry. They should not depend on the government for everything as it is not possible for the government to provide them with everything. An initiative, a desire  to something of own will solve to  a great extent the problem of unemployment prevailing in the society.

Also the government should carry out proper planning so that the funds allocated in the improvement reach adequately the concerned parties .Thus if we, the individuals and the government work in unison with each other the problem of unemployment can be reduced to a great extent. 

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