Special Task Force for Student Safety by Delhi Municipality


Securing the safety of school going students is a huge issue that has come to our concern recently. This includes protection of children from any unforeseen circumstances that could act as a threat to their safety. In today’s unsafe world it is important that one focuses more on an overall child protection scheme whether be it at home or at any educational institution. The Delhi Municipality taking such circumstances in mind has the implementation of task forces to ensure more safety for school going children.

SSThis has been mainly triggered by the death of a six-year-old boy in a South Delhi school in January. The task force would see that the water tanks, sewage tanks etc are properly covered so as to avoid accidents, make sure that open wires did not lie around in the vicinity of the schools, along with supervision of any kind of construction if taking place within the school compound. These are crucial areas that the task force would be targeting to ensure student safety in general. Such care would decrease cases like that of Divyansh, a student of Ryan International School in south Delhi’s Vasant Kunj area, who had an untimely death due to lack of proper safety measures.

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The task force as decided by the Delhi Municipal Corporation would be deployed according to zones. It is a step to ensure that maximum security and safety precautions are taken so that any disturbing incident could be avoided in future. Divyansh’s unfortunate death has given a serious jolt to the nation and made them reconsider the matter of student security within the school compounds. Such steps could ensure more safety in the long run.

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