How to start online Preparation for GATE Computer Science Exam?

online preparation for GATE Computer Science Exam

You can go for few books, which can help you prepare well for GATE CSE 2017. It must be noticed that buying books is not just enough, and you have to make some good planning and strategies in order to clear the exam.To start online preparation for GATE Computer Science Exam you must follow some rules to get maximum marks.

Few steps to be followed to start online preparation for GATE Exam :-

  • Choose a good location to study
  • Make a Study Plan
  • Calculate the actual number of hours available in a day for studies
  • Identify the levels of difficulty in understanding of all the subjects you are studying.
  • Allocate your available time for studies properly depending on the difficulty levels.
  • Include revision time as well as new learning.
  • Prepare a timetable/plan for studies as per above guidelines.
  • Memorize major concepts.
  • Selectively review your texts.
  • Study in a chronological order.
  • Monitor the work you have done.

online preparation for GATE Computer Science ExamImportant points to follow during GATE Computer Science preparation:

  • Mainly focus on understanding fundamentals and practicing through good set of problems/quizzes
  • Make revision notes for all important topics during preparation
  • After the preparation of every topic, you must test your skills on that topic by attempting online tests/quizzes
  • Participate online discussion forums to clear your doubts
  • Utilize your time till the exam day for preparation of the GATE

You should attend the mock test to get practice on gate papers. You should be sincere and will give your best. The student should get or buy a question papers with solutions of previous years to download them free from the links given below. They should have a hard copy which enables them to refer easily during preparation. The syllabus is referred and a number of questions is analyzed in each subject. All the subjects will not have the same marks. Prepare through GATE CSE reading material from the links given here.

Some of the subjects will have more preference compared to others. Make a list of subjects depending on marks from previous question papers. The distribution of marks helps the students to allocate the time for preparation. If the distribution is not made, then there will be random preparation in which there is no time for preparing the important subjects. Students should allocate the realistic time for all the subjects. The above suggestions are in a nutshell through which you can get through the entrance gate of GATE 2017.

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