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Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering is going to organize “Startup Expo“, an event under the E-Day 2014. We, the LinkFried team, are proud to be their media partner for the event. On 17th October, AURA, E-Cell of DSI, In association with IEDC, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Centre is going to present Entrepreneurship Day.

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E-Day is confluence of visionary students, professionals or anybody who wishes to be one of those crazy rebels who will change the world, start his own business or fund a business and become a trend setter. The event will include different activities, which are StartUp Expo, Business Pitch, Crowd Pitch, Idea Blaze, Customer Validation, Imago, Panel Discussion and Entrepreneur of DSI.


Startup Expo provides a platform for innovative startups from Bangalore to get in touch with thousands of its potential customers and investors. It also provides an opportunity for the attendees to learn about the new entrepreneurial techniques that these startups have used to become successful in their journey.

What’s in it for attendees?

  1. Chance to interact with promising startups from in and around India.
  2. Awareness about the latest developments in various sectors.
  3. Opportunity to work with the startups, if interested.

What’s in it for start-ups?

IEDC Dayananda Sagar College, is serving as a meeting ground for key industry leaders, corporates, budding entrepreneurs, investors and students from distinguished institutions across the country.

  1. Visibility among the attendees of the E-Day – Chance to interact with and enhance your brand visibility among our pool of corporates and students.
  2. Logo, link and Profile will be featured on the News Letter of IEDC and the Facebook page of AURA, E-Cell of Dayananda Sagar College.
  3. Start-Up Expo would also be covered by our media partners both during and after the event. (Media partners yet to be decided)
  4. Specific Youth Outreach :
    • Extensive publicity in most of the colleges across Bangalore.
    • You will be recognized in all the mailers and fliers sent to the various E-Cells across Bangalore.
  5. On Venue Deliverables
    • Visibility at all E-Day Events
    • Visibility on the backdrops/standees used at E-Day 2014
  6. The Summit will serve as platform for you to interact with young minds of Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering and opportunity to hire interns from DSI.

Date of Event : 17th October 2014

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