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It was first year of my engineering and I was all pumped for this academic career I saw in front of myself. I had cleared my entrance after preparing one whole year for IIT-JEE and was very confident on the conceptual fundamentals that I had learnt in my preparatory year. I ran around professors asking queries on some of the new concepts that weren’t clear to me in class or were new to me. I felt some theories in contradictory to others from other subjects. But I couldn’t find any answers. I asked my classmates but still it was all in vain.

Gradually, I started losing interest in my studies since my curiosity to know or learn more was decreasing drastically. I didn’t notice this change initially, but then I realized it was the lack of fundamentals that became the primary reason for my loss of interest in academics.

campustop_2As a student, I have bought books, mattresses, vehicles, lab-coats, etc. but I didn’t really know what to do when I was done using it. I went to stores to sell my books at half their price and I had to go through lots of hurdles to sell my other used stuffs. Even finding customers in OLX or Quikr was a headache for me since I had to deal with customers who were total strangers, negotiate with them and then find special time and place to close the deal which included logistics costs resulting in reduced my net cash inflow.

In my 5th semester, October, 2013, I had the idea of CampuStop which could become the crowd-sourced platform of notes, lecture videos, paper/journals and case studies and a campus market where students can find customers for their used stuffs out of a huge potential customer base on campus without having the need to find special time and place to close the deal since both buyer and seller comes to college everyday (we assume students don’t want to run short of attendance).

I had trouble forming a stable team that can focus on features with interactive and informative UI design. Many came and many left. There were times I wasn’t really sure about all of this since I was facing so many troubles at the very basic stage of executing the idea. I tried not to lose hope and then one fine day I had a team that was ready to execute the way it was supposed to. The then team members were – HarshitLaddha (I would say him as the master mind behind the design and technology used), MadhukarMohta and Ram Kumar.

campustop_2In less than 2 months from the formation of a stable team, on August 2nd,2014, we went live. On the very first day, we saw a very heavy traffic on the site which was mostly from RVCE. Within 2 weeks from then, we had to upgrade our server since we had multiple server crashes because of uploading and downloading of materials.

Professors of RVCE seem very happy using this service, though many of them aren’t very convinced in using new ways to interact with students and we totally understand their “Resistance to Change”.

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Well,We had feedbacks from students saying that CampuStop has indeed made their lives easier since they no longer have to wait in front of Prof’s cabin as they can now directly comment on the notes uploaded by professors if they have any queries to ask. Professors, in turn, gets notified  in their mailbox about the query and he/she can answer to those queries by referring it to books, websites, youtube links, etc on the comment section of his notes. Hence, the whole interaction between profs and students have improved without any physical effort to visit his cabin over and over again.

In CampusMarket, students can sell any used products be it – books, mattresses, 2 wheelers, 4 wheelers, cell phones, lab coats, etc. They can give their quotes they are interested to sell at and the buyers can bid on those products. These bids are confidential between buyer and seller. The seller can then accept the best bid and close the deal by fixing a rendezvous point and time in college itself.

Well, there’s good news for CampuStop users. We are working on few things which will help students save lots of money on books or photocopying. We are launching in Minnesota, US as well and this is the first official announcement on the platform of Linkfried. Carl Neumann is our Guy in US who is as excited as us and strongly believes in making students’ lives easier and simpler.

We are also adding an Eco-Quotient to our efforts to go green by saving trees.

Hope, we stand up to the expectations of students and we deliver as effectively as we believe in it. We see opportunities where students lives can change for good and they can save lots of time and money on non-value adding activities. Hence, they will be able to focus on things that matter to them, to their career.

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