Students get 20 lakh Compensation for Denied MBBS Seat


As per the Supreme Court Order 21 students will get compensation of 21 lakhs each for denied MBMS seat . On 2nd of September supreme court order to the state govt to pay the compensation fees to the student who were denied for the admission in MBBS. The state govt has to pay as it failled to take necessary action to the student complaint.

It was the case of 2012, 21 students were denied admission to Dental and Private colleges who had already secured Dental seats are not allowed to shift to Medicine , in spite having adequate Score for that.

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The students are approached to the Judicial body for the problem they face in the Admission. As per the Inquiry conducted by Pravesh Niyantran Samiti (PNS),a quasi Judicial Body the colleges had been flouting admission rules . Also they asked to cancel the admission to 250 seats of 17 colleges, which are mostly run by Politicians. 

The State Govt not taking necessary action on colleges manipulating the admission rules for the MBBS admission with Political hands.

There are so many corruptions are going on for the admission of MBBS colleges with the political power. Students are not getting the admission even if they are score the marks.

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