How you study 18 hours EveryDay? Few Ans on Quora will guide you


Are you preparing for Competitive Examination and unable to find out, how to manage the time for your study? The Ans of Akansha Sharma and Manoj Arora Rana on Quora will guide you to the solution. 

Most of the student mess off with the Syllabus and unable to manage the time at the time of Competitive Examination. Time management is the most important factor to get the good rank in Test.  Competitive Examination always comes with the hefty syllabus, that has to be managed properly with a timed chat to cover up the complete course. 

How you study 18 hours EveryDay.The division of the course will help to manage the time. You have to come up with a routine life at the time of Test preparation. Give priority to the subject that you feel a little bit complicated for yours. Giving more time to the subject will give you the confidence to get the highest score on that. 

At the time of test preparation, you must have to keep your energy level high. For maintaining energy level High , you must have to follow  4 to 5-hour complete Sleep. At the preparation time avoid Nonveg, Fastfood and Spice food which make you feel uncomfortable on the study. 

Here is the Answer on Quora , How you study 18 hours Every day?

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