Super30 among top 3 pioneering education initiatives by Japanese group


The founder of Super30, Anand Kumar, believes in educating the under privileged. He established the Super30 in the year 2002, and it has flourished ever since. The institution coaches economically backward students for the prestigious exam IIT-JEE.

This Indian Mathematician is known to have consistently and successfully coached the students to make it to the IITs. By 2014, 308 of the 360 had made it to IITs and Discovery Channel showcased his work in a documentary. Anand Kumar has no financial support for Super 30 from any government as well as private agencies, and he manages on the tuition fee that he earns from the Ramanujam Institute that he runs.

anand kumarAnand Kumar’s Super30 is known to have been selected as one among the three pioneering initiatives in the field of education by a Japanese Media Group; the other two being Japan’s educational club and France’s reading and writing club find berth as initiatives across the world by Japanese media group Asahi Shinbun.

Anand says he feels encouraged and inspired to continue his contribution in helping the students to pursue their dreams while expecting nothing in return. It gives pleasure and inspiration that people across the globe are concerned with poor and are eager to contribute,” he said.

According to  Anand Kumar himself could not go to Cambridge University to pursue higher education despite getting admission due to his father’s death and financial constraints, but the pangs of poverty intrigued him and resulted in the birth of Super 30 for children from underprivileged sections.Many films were also made by the media groups from Japan, France, UK, Canada on Anand Kumar’s Super30. The Discovery Channel also had made a documentary on the same.

He has also been invited by the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Harvard University to speak on his globally acclaimed effort to mentor students from the underprivileged sections for admission to IIT

super30Anand Kumar is grateful to his mother, Smt.Jayanti Devi, cooks for the students, and his brother Pranav Kumar takes care of the management. He continues to be dedicated towards his work and is known to be”one of the global personalities who have the ability to shape exceptionally talented people”.

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