If the system of Education fail , What you will do ?


If the system of Education fail , what you will do ? what every body will do ? When we are in the system , we ignore the education as boring , after that the cycle of problem is start. It brings you poverty , Force to do crime, push you to slip without Food.

When we realize, the time was over. No point of discussion after the time lapse.

If the system of Education fail , What you will do ?

The Process of Education must change  from boring to Inspiration. It must add interest to win the Aim of Life. Education is every where , but lack of Interest make us illiterate . Education Must Inspire the students to became what they want. It increases the capability of Individual to do the right thing. It differentiate the right and wrong .

Education will put you better position , so you can be a part of change. The knowledge will transfer generation to generation only means of Education.

You must be ready for the change.

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