Tathagata Satpathy addressed the Future of Primary Education in India


Tathagata Satpathy , the representative of Dhenkanal constituency of Odisha in his speech for Demands for Fund under Human Resource Development 2015 expounded on certain important issues to be addressed regarding Primary Education in India. Government both past and present have only shown interest in funding for more IITs. But Satpathy says unless the foundation of a building, which in this case is the primary education, if not improved it would likely to derail the working of this democracy.

Primary education has been grossly ignored which poses a serious threat to the development of this country. Satpathy says, ‘It is a child that is hardest to reach’. By this he means that the function of providing proper environment for a child’s growth as it stays passive is more difficult as well as important. He quotes the noble prize winner Kailash Satyarthi that ‘Education is under threat as education has been failed by our government.’

Education has become a multibillion dollar business in India according to Satpathy. It has become a privileged acquired by the rich people for whom higher education is a luxury. Adding to it he says nothing has been done to address the critical issue. The huge population of our country is a drawback with the large number of uneducated young girls and boys who are likely to become social problem rather than assets.

What Satpathy proposes is that education sector to be included as a part of central services like IAS and IPS along with proper training which would keep the teacher up to mark at least of national standard. Recruiting good teachers who can inspire a child to learn is a central issue. The Government has invested more on infrastructure like the Sarba Sikhsha Avijan without providing enough thought on the basic matters which actually help in educating a nation. He says in most of the renowned educational boards like ICSE or CBSE only inculcate a mugging up tendency in children without learning much.

The UNESCO’s Education for All (EFA) released by the HRD ministry reports a craze for private school education where monetary influences play a big role. Further the issue of absenting teachers with inadequate training prove to be major problems concerning education. Satpathy thus recommends the Finnish model of schooling where emphasis is laid on broader interdisciplinary topics in developing skills for a global international society. This he says could be the future for Primary Education.

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