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648 is a website that focuses on helping students and candidates pursuing almost any kind of educational career, with the help of unlimited online tests, videos, quizzes, discussion forums among a lot of other things.



If you actually notice carefully, it has information to help prepare you for whatever exam or might have in mind whatsover. This includes:

  • Management
  • Govt. & Private Jobs
  • Arts, Commerce & Law
  • Science & Technology
  • School Programs
  • Studying Abroad
  • Language & Skills

These also have many sub-categories which includes almost every field an Indian student could think of. Ranging from School Olympiads to SATs, and Driving License to MCA Entrance tests, this is probably the vastest database of self-help online learning I have seen. It even has a section which has point to point details on how to get your Driver’s License!

The website also has a daily updated General Knowledge section along with an Exam Alerts section which keeps you updated with the latest news for your own ease. All you need to follow this website is to register with an account in this website and then its smooth running. There’s a Challenge’s section under each aforementioned sub-category where you can host or take part in challenges to increase your knowledge for upcoming exams or you could do it just for the sake of fun. There’s also a quiz section where you can participate in real time events and check your proficiency and progress and you competence level in reference to time. There’s 100+ categories to choose from to learn.

You could track your progress too as a matter of fact with a well-prepared and well-analyzed performance chart, get expert recommendations on how you should chart your studying plans and much more with TCY Analysis. Other features include-

  • High quality content
  • Keeping track of answers
  • Streamlining your energy by knowing your weak areas
  • Detailed test analysis
  • Customizing study patterns
  • Comparative Standings
  • Time Management

All along, if I were to give a verdict, I would say that this is the most advanced website in India for learning that I have yet come accross. The TCY Analysis is a breeze to handle and is the best helping tool you can get for your studies. That’s what makes it a note higher than similar websites out there. And the vast category of exams that the website helps prepare for is also an advantage in itself. Its the one shed under which you can find all your answers to whatever questions you might have about any examinations being held for Indian students.


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