Teaching with Technology: Ways to Improve Classroom Teaching Scenario



One of the primary task of a teacher is to create an environment in the classroom that would engage students and also enhance their interest. In this age of technology, classroom teaching could be easily improved with the help of these so that student interest is gathered. Numerous simple and interactive methods could be created with using basic technology to improve classroom scenario.

Social networking sites could be used to generate information regarding teaching schedule and what homework to be done before attending a particular class. Google Docs could also be used for the same purpose. This process has already been put into use in various universities in here as well as abroad. “Connected Learning” which is spreading education in an innovative way in this age of Information Technology indeed helps in improving classroom teaching scenario.

Creating a classroom Blog where students, as well as teachers, can share information or videos regarding classroom activities or news, impressions, thoughts, current events or even asking students of the class to share personal memories regarding a particular topic would help greatly. Students generally appreciate seeing their write ups online. All these create a sense of connectedness and friendly bond so that imparting of knowledge and its access becomes easy.

Using music and movie shots could also generate further interest and helps a teacher to engage in a more personal manner. All these devices are simple and can be easily used which is guaranteed to make a big difference in creating an impact. Learning can be made enjoyable with these innovative technological inputs so that classroom teaching can be re-imagined.

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Rituparna Das
Student Reporter at Linkfried, Rituparna is a student of Yadavpur University, Calcutta. She writes about Education News, Information , announcement From calcutta.