Testbook offering yearly Passes to attempt unlimited Test for all Exam

Testbook offering yearly Passes

To practice more, TestBook offering yearly passes at Rs 444 to attempt unlimited Test for all your Competitive Exam.

Yes, You can Practice unlimited with this yearly pass at just Rs 444.

Testbook offering yearly passes

Increase your accuracy level by attempting a multiple Practice test with this yearly offer.

You can practice for Banking, Railway, MBA, Engineering and much more with this offer.

But, you have to choose your right Examination module to not to be biased. Select your right examination and practice more and more to increase the level of preparation.

You will also get the analytic score to understand your level of preparation along with weaker areas for you.

Along with this Yearly pass, you can also try for 7 days, 2 Month and 6 month passes as per your convenience.

  • 7 Days Pass: Free Trial
  • 2 Month Pass: Rs 299/-
  • 6 Month Pass: Rs 349/-
  • 1 Year Pass: Rs 444/

How does Testbook Pass work for you?

You have to unlock the test by attempting it. A test can be attempted only once, however you can access the solution and analysis as many times after attempting the test.

Practice more with Testbook passes to increase your accuracy level in competitive Exam.

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