The Best Career Advice From Donald Trumps


Choosing a career is the tough job because we are always comparing the career choice to other in our surroundings rather than understanding the difference between Want and Need. At the time of Choosing a career, the comparison always happen in our circle and we try to find out negativity and failure on the career path. Most of the students choose a career by following some body. 

It’s not mandatory that, if he/she fails in that career, you will be the same. It completely depends upon how you drive the path. If you love to do the job, it’s better for you and you can succeed in your life. You have to do your SWAT analysis before choosing a career for life. [Do your SWAT analysis]. 

If you choose a career that you love, rather than following anybody or in pressure, you must be perfect in that career path and will achieve the milestone in this. 

This is the  best Career Advice From Donald Trumps, Founder and Chairman of Trumps Organisation. He is the author of  Trump: Think Like a Billionaire: Everything You Need to Know About Success, Real Estate, and Life

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