The Future Foundation School: First School in Asia to have French as the Second Language


The Future Foundation School in Kolkata has always aimed at the all -round development of a child which is mental, physical, psychic and spiritual. The school has been ranked repeatedly as one of the best schools in Kolkata that provide not an appropriate atmosphere for studies but tries to build a different environment for each and every student so that they can succeed in their own unique way. This school became the first institution in Asia to make French the second language in the school. This is done with the aim of preparing the students for the future that would enhance their respect for the language as well as make it easier for the students to gain an edge in the future.

French as Second LanguageDamien Syed, Consul General of France in Kolkata visited the school for this occasion and appreciated the decision while remarking that both France and Kolkata share deep cultural roots and knowing the language would only enhance to appreciate it better. It is also the first school in Kolkata to get NABET certification. The holistic development of its student is the first priority of the school and it has been able to fulfill its duty as promised.

The institution has made to strive from move away from a teacher-controlled to a teacher-facilitated learning system that makes education fun. Principal Ranjan Mitter mentioned that they started a system of pageant which is essentially put up by students and where parents can come in and see what is taught and how it is taught from Class I to Class VIII. All such innovative ideas have truly made the school attain one of the top positions among schools in Kolkata.

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Rituparna Das
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