Things to Keep in Mind before Enrolling for Online Courses



Students who enroll for online courses find that the way the courses work is a little different from classroom studying. Students require discipline to keep ‘on schedule’ when there are no daily set lectures or classes to attend.  Online courses can be both well and badly designed. Courses that are well designed provide strong guidelines for when work, and what kind of work (writing assignments, tests or online class discussion), needs to be done. On the other hand, poorly designed courses place much more onus on the student to organize their work, while a well-designed program will deliberately encourage more and more independence and self-management as students progress through the program.

A student enrolling for such courses should always look at the learner support by going to the public website of the online program you are interested in and look at the learner support section. It may be called Guide to Studying or something similar. One should be able to manage the workload given and work hard to achieve their aim as students should be able to reach the same standard in an online course as in a class-based course with about the same amount of work.

Another primary thing of importance is that students should have you have the necessary prior learning before taking on an online program. It is generally advised to complete one’s high school education before a student takes up an online course under college or universities even if they technically qualify. The most critical factor though for your success as an online student will be the quality of support you get from your instructor in the course. This will again depend on how well the course is designed. It is necessary to find out if the instructors have had any training or experience in online learning before you take the course.

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