It’s time to say Good bye to Orkut


I just remember the incident i was faced to open Orkut account on 2006 , it’s very salty. I paid some amount to join Orkut to my friend as that joining of Orkut was by Invitation only( in 2006 ). The price was not so much , it’s only 2 hour Internet charges at that point of time.

Then i Joined , Explored, Wish in B’Days, send some scraps up to 2009, then suddenly i forgot to log in Orkut as Facebook is arrived in my Mind by the chance. I am not sure why i changed my platform of hangout to facebook , but i can say i found all my hangouts in facebook and they all transferred.

orkut 7

After a 10 years of Good hangout , Now Orkut declared to shutdown from September 30, 2014. Orkut is the  First social networking of India ( I believe).

Know more about orkut Here .

Why Orkut Jammed ?

The power of social networking only survive if you engage more and more to user. The more flexibility will attract more time to engage. Orkut suffered due to no new innovation add up. Most Important factor is Advertisement Revenue, that Google receive from Orkut.  Orkut massively attacked by Spammer, nobody care to that.

What Next ?

It’s a dynamic World. One window closed means there is a availability of new one. Just download your data and enjoyed other One.


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