It’s time to think about your Passive income


Everybody needs money, money is power. Are you planning to work forever? You have only 24 hours a day to work, you can’t stretch the time. You can’t offer a leave to yourself for enjoyment.

If you want to earn money with time, there should be a passive income for you. That can generate the money for your social security. It will add you monetary security in your life. You will not run for survive, you will enjoy the life.

Education is the tool by which you can create your passive income. I am not talking about the certificates, it’s the knowledge you carry.  That will provide you passive income without spending much time on that.

Think about Your Passive Income
Think about Your Passive Income

What is Passive Income?

The income which does not attracts your direct involvement or your time. It will be an additional value builder in your life.

Just spend some few hours and that will give you gradual income for long time thereafter.

In the corporate world, you may not get that much time to spend in life what you always wish for. A morning bell is always with you in your corporate career.

Let’s look at some passive income techniques and which type of education is required for that? This all passive incomes will not attracts that much of education certificate. It is only the reflection of your talent in your favourite field.

Income from Youtube Video:-

You know something and you want to teach the rest of the world, that’s fine youtube is there to solve your issue with residual income. You can create a video and just upload in youtube , if any of the user searches and view your video , Google will pay you for that. From cooking recipe to gadget review everything will search by user and for every view you will get something.

So nice, let’s start Recording.

Income from Blog :-

It’s again a good one, which will pay more, if you solve a problem or providing information. Blog writing earns a huge amount of money in your card. Now for everything people search Google for the answer. By using of Google advertisement you can earn a handsome amount of money. If you pick niche segment of the industry you will get more than expectation and it will earn residual income for you. As per page view you will get the income from Google by use of Adsense of Google.

Mutual Fund Advisor:-

If you have knowledge in Mutual fund, you can become a Advisor and will receive commission monthly basis according to your fund size.  If you have sold mutual fund for 10 year, you will receive commission till 10 year without doing anything. First you have to collect a good amount of fund to get a handsome amount of commission.

Finance graduates can income lots of money as a commission by selling the mutual fund. For this required finance knowledge and sales skill and that will give you passive income latter on.

Income from Insurance Advisory:-

As like mutual fund, you can earn good amount through Insurance advisory. If you sell insurance, you will receive yearly commission on every premium paid by customer. Customer can pay at their end but you will receive a commission on amount.

This also required finance knowledge and sales skill to get good amount of commission.

Best of luck !

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