How to Crack JEE Main to join IIT ? Use this Free Online Resources to Crack it easily


JEE Main is an important exam for engineering aspirants as it functions like a gateway for admissions into the coveted NITs and also as a screening test to decide the eligibility for writing the IIT entrance exam.  So let’s know, How to Crack JEE Main ?

It is written by around 14 lakh students every year and the number is only increasing. It is one of the most competitive exams in India and not a very hard one to crack if one prepares and attempts the paper properly.

When it comes down to such levels of competition, smart work pays more than hard work. So, here we present to you some tips and tricks to help you clear the exam with more ease.

JEE mains demands more than just good fundamentals, it demands speed.

There are 90 questions in total and 3 hours. So, you need to properly plan the time that you will spend with each subject and also the order in which you will attempt the paper. Do not stick to a strict plan but rather be open to improvisations.

This is high time to start solving question papers by properly timing yourself. Solve them with honesty as they will give you a good idea of where you stand.

Few Points you must follow to Crack JEE Main

  • Do not try and learn new and hard concepts. Concentrate your energy on what you have already done for the and perfect what you know.
  • Be thorough with physics and chemistry NCERT 11 and 12 textbooks. They are much more important than anyone ever emphasizes and the realization will only dawn upon you after the exam.
  • Do not compare yourself to your friends. Understand that your methods of studying and the time you require are different from theirs.
  • Finally get your concepts clear. Here are some of the youtube channels you may use.

Khan academy : A free source to learn Anything Anywhere 

This is a benevolent source for materials, lecture notes and tests and quizzes. The content on the site is well monitored and maintained and it is a great initiative by Khan Academy because there shouldn’t be a money value on learning.

How to Crack JEE Main , campustwist

Khan Academy is a Nonprofit organization dedicated to delivering education at free of cost. Materials are prepared to spread Education to everyone , Every Where , Free of Cost. All those education resources are in video mode which will give you an experience of learning.

Jee Main Online: Best Website to Follow for JEE Main Preparation 

It is a free source which provides study materials and lecture. It primarily focuses on jee mains and the material provided is of decent quality.

It is a website that provides completely free material for jee preparation. The resources provided are of respectable quality and the free tests provided also give you a good basis to evaluate your understanding of the subject.

JEE Main online Free resources

Rao IIT Academy : Trust of Every Student 

Rao academy is a very well known academy who offer to coach for jee mains and advanced. Some of their videos are available online. The content quality of the videos is decent enough.


Access Rao IIT Academy Video Lecture Free Here.

Physics galaxy for JEE Mains

They have some really good videos which will help you gather enough courage to attempt your main’s physics paper with utmost ease. It is a channel worth trying if you want a high physics score in jee mains.

This is the best resources to help you in JEE Preparation.

Access Physics Galaxy Video Lecture Free Here.

MohitTyagi: An IITan Guides to crack JEE Main

Mohit is a graduate from IIT Delhi. His understanding approach towards maths is admirable. His videos are aimed at students preparing for jee/ his videos are crisp and to the point. His Youtube channel is widely used by participants of JEE Main.

Access Videos of Mohit Tyagi Free Here.

Cheers! Remember smart work pays off more than hard work and this is the time to be smart.

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