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UGC National Eligibility Test English is scheduled to be held at 28th December 2015. Only a month is left for taking one of the toughest examinations in India. What applicants need to do now is plan a routine and stick to it maintaining adequate discipline. Only hard work and systematic studying can give the extra edge to get selected among the lakhs that would appear this year. In this crucial stage certain easy tips could help one to crack the test which otherwise seems quite intimidating. The NET English consists of three papers. It is important for any candidate to go through the syllabus and previous years question pattern to gain a basic idea. This is the first and primary step that cannot be avoided.

Since only a few weeks are remaining and one has to take the maximum advantage of this time, it is best for anybody to study on an hourly basis for NET, frequented with short breaks to refresh the mind. Moving from chapters that are easiest to the one that is hardest would boost confidence and provide motivation. A preparation strategy at this point is very important. Students will know well at this point there weak and strong spots. They should prepare accordingly and if needed help must be taken. Contrary to most tips giving websites, I would say that paper one is difficult to tackle and one must prepare for that in advance. It is all about right timing for this paper and one who is able to manage it will definitely have an advantage.

For paper two and three deals with literature directly. Though students have already studied most of the things that would appear in these papers, it is crucial to not take them lightly. Only with proper revision and studying appropriate resources for it would help an applicant to crack the two papers. The most important thing to crack the NET English 2015 is to not lose confidence in ones ability to achieve higher. Students should always remember that success comes to those who do not give up.

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