To What Extent Does School Education Help You?


school education

Schooling is an important part of a student’s life. Perhaps it is the first exposure that guides and shapes our personality as well as our future decisions. A proper schooling can be of tremendous help for fostering one’s interest in a particular field. That is government both of state and union level place such emphasis on it.

However what is required is a schooling which proves to be adequate in teaching us to tackle real life situations and providing a practical educational skill that does not limit itself to bookish memorization. Often due to lack of good teachers or lack of better teaching techniques, the schooling provided fails to provide us knowledge regarding real life problems.

 The different classes be it math, science or English has its special purpose to guide a student to tackle hurdles pertaining to job scenario or practical field work where one’s true knowledge faces the real test. If a student is not aware of it or is unable to suit one’s own self to stand up to such situations than the entire school training goes to waste.

One of the primary training given by schooling is to adapt ourselves to work or perform in an environment which may not necessarily suited us completely. It makes us an everyday worker. With provisions for both good and bad teachers, schools help us to make differentiations.  A proper schooling should ideally teach us to be able to determine our own fate.

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As there is always room for improvement, schools, especially in India, tend to take an approach that hardly concentrates on developing individual skills. A set method of teaching and learning with books as the center of information can be of the disadvantage if analytical skills are not developed. A student has to be made to think and question rather than mug up what is being taught. A gradual change to this method of learning can be of help to make school education more useful for students.

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Rituparna Das
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