Top 10 Books for JEE Main Preparation must buy to Succeed in Exam

Top 10 Books for JEE Main Preparation

Preparing for JEE Main to join Indian Institute of Management ? Struggling to understand the resources for the best result ?

Like you, everybody confused in the same stage. Books, Internet, Online Tutorial, Classroom teaching are the options to choose for preparation.

But, confusion arises. at the first stage of preparation.

You must need complete fundamental learning before preparing in-depth.

Why this Top 10 Books for JEE Main Preparation ?

As we all know, books are the first resources to use for fundamental learning. So, you have to use books first to capture initial learning for preparation.

We prepare a list of Top 10 Books for JEE Main Preparation  which will give a hands-on experience to prepare your favorite Exam.

There are just too many books in the market for preparation, simply too many. If you have just started your preparation and have had your first official visit to a bookstore for JEE preparation books and are frantically searching the world wide web because the number has left you boggled and wondering how many books you would have to devour, you are in the right place.

We have also prepared a list of  Top 10 Youtube Channel for IIT JEE Preparation, have a look on this.

Top 10 Books for JEE Main PreparationThe first thing to know is you don’t have to read everything. So, take a deep breathe and relax. We have made a list that you can go through instead, a concocted list we know works for JEE like good tea works for a headache. Have fun.

  1. Concept of Physics Vol I and II by H C Verma

No person in the recent past has probably cleared JEE without reading or at least knowing about the existence of this book. It is a beautifully written, well-organized book with certain problems taken from authors like I.E Irodov.

Who have completed 10th standard and started preparing for Competitive Exam, this book is a must in the Study table before preparation. The concepts are easily elaborated to grasp the topic easily.

H C Verma is an Experimental physicist and professor at IIT, Kanpur. He has authored several books on physics from School to undergraduate level.

This is must learning book if you are preparing for JEE Main Examination.

2. Geometry and Plane Trigonometry by S L Loney 

Both the books Geometry and Plane Trigonometry  is simply brilliant. It covers everything and more than just JEE syllabus. You will get a complete overview of all the concepts in  how to interconnect different topics.

Topics in this books are elaborated with conventional approach for easy understanding.

S L Loney is authored a number of Mathematics books which is widely used in India.

3. Higher Algebra- Hall and Knight

It is a very famous book used for high school Mathematics. The concepts in this book are thoroughly explained and it is a very entertaining read. It provides a subjective approach to mathematics which a lot of books usually lack.

Hall and knight give you better insights into the topic. You can able to get deep knowledge of Mathematics by this book.

4. Chemistry from NCERT

The class 11 and 12 textbooks are very well written. They are concise and simple and do not tend to confuse the reader and the matter presented is also less in quantity, therefore you already know that whatever is there is necessarily important.

Top 10 Books for JEE Main Preparation

I found one of this Quora Answer about the book and want to show you the same. This book is very useful for Competitive preparation those includes Chemistry topic.

Happy to share 2 points of Ankita. You can Follow her Here ( Quora Profile Anikta )

  1. about 50% were direct NCERT lines, or problem types directly solved in NCERT/assigned in NCERT Exercises/Exemplar Problems/Intext Questions.
  2. about 30% were problems that combined problem types from NCERT. The only skill required was to know when to apply which formula (though that’s not how I did them — I’ve always hated formulae)

5. Physics from NCERT

The class 11 and 12 textbooks of NCERT are brilliantly outlined with stories and entertaining extracts. Physics cannot be entirely separated from its history and the book takes up a different standpoint to a phenomenon. The NCERT physics textbook is a must-read, the book and its structure will leave you in inspired.

6. Organic chemistry by Solomons and Fryhle

The book demands certain patience and interest but once into it, you will find it enlightening. The mechanisms are well-outlined, but one needs to know what part of the textbook to exclude while preparing as you don’t want to go so deep that returning back would be hard.

7. Problems plus in IIT mathematics by A Das Gupta

This book isn’t widely accepted now as it is tedious and extra long, but the problem statements and the sums in this book are legendary. They require your attention and will tickle your brain. This isn’t a book that one should start doing a month or two before the exams but something one should start from the beginning of the two years of preparation.

This book is not for the Beginner, if you have already practiced from other books, you can use it for problem practice.

8. Fundamentals of Physics by Halliday and Resnick

This is one classic book to learn physics from. The question behind every chapter and the chapter itself are very brilliantly written. If one carefully goes through the book it is kind of visible why this book is a JEE favorite and many questions in the previous papers of JEE physics were directly taken from this book.

This book is widely accepted in colleges as a part of the undergraduate physics course. The test book covers most of the basic topics in physics.

9. Calculus in One Variable by  I A Maron

This book you need for calculus. The one book you need to get your concepts clear and also for an ample number of practice problems. This book will give you hands-on experience from easy basic problems to advanced problems in Calculus.

10. Organic Chemistry by M.S Chouhan 

The difficulty level of this book is a little bit high, so not advisable to beginner to start with this book. But the best part of this book is if you practice your all fundamentals will be clear and practice level will improve.

This Top 10 Books for JEE Main Preparation will amplify your preparation in JEE Exam. You can step up first to your preparation with these books and latter on move to online material and tutorials.

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