Top 10 Career Option In India without Graduation


India is the Second largest populated country after China. Here Graduation is the Base degree for job hunting. But most of the youth drop out education before the graduation degree due to some circumstance. Most of the cases are due to financial weakness. They hunt the job in the mid of career or drop the career to earn for the family.

We find out these 10 career option without graduation in India. All these career option does not require Graduation Degree and also these options will pay off a good amount of money. 

1. Real Estate Agent 

Real Estate Agent is the flexible career option which does not require any certificate. With rapid-growing real estate market and population everybody need a home to stay and you can help them to choose the right Real estate for a good value. Your income in this option is not limited to hour or wages. It will pay per the deal that you finalise for the customer. 

2. Website Designer 

In the age of Internet, every business owner wants be visible on Internet through Website. Now a days Website is the main media to reach customer easily. Designing website will not require any certificate, it require training for language which is used to manage website. With a training of 6 month, anybody can design the normal website for small business. After a few year of Experience, you can easily design the good website for a higher value. 

3. PhotoShop and Coral Draw Expert 

Growing online Media require PhotoShop and Coral draw Expert to design the requirements used for Online. This expertise does not require any Graduation degree to get the job. You can opt for a short course as well as hands-on training in this for the career. Even if to get the course and experience you don’t require huge cost. Lots of free online tutorials are available to learn this course. You can able to design Loge, Leaflet, Banner, Photos for the online media with a good paycheck. 

4. Photographer 

This is a fantastic job option, those are creative and interested in Photography. You can get a handsome salary from Media, Online portal. Most of the E-Commerce website always looking for the photographer to showcase their product in the website.  You can be a professional photographer to get more payoff. 

5. Event Manager 

Managing the event and getting paid off is a very good option for you if you don’t have any certification. Now, days this option is trendy among the certificate holder also. Working with a flexible timeline and different paycheck for every Event will attract you for this career.

6. Fashion designer 

If you don’t have the certificate, but a skill to design the dress material, then fashion designer is the best option for you. It does not require any certification if you have the right skill. Second largest populated country India need more and more expert in this field to provide dress material. With the designing Skill, you can open your own boutique or work for other for a designer dress material. Now days everybody preferring the dress material on their own choice, matching to the profession etc. 

7. Store manager 

If you step out from Home, you can find out lots of Shopping malls around you, and day to day the numbers are increasing. The requirement of the store manager is also increasing along with the paycheck. You can get a handsome amount of salary for this post. This post also does not require any graduation certificate.  

8. Insurance Agent 

In the Field of Finance, Insurance is the product wich required for everybody. To secure life for the future Insurance is must. You can become an insurance agent and sell Insurance product. The payment and working style is also flexible for this job. In this field, most of the Insurance company pay you till your customer paying the premium. So you will get long term financial benefit even if you are not going to sell the same person every day/Month/Year. 

9.Gym Trainer 

Health is wealth. With a bad food habit, most of the people need Fitness exercise and training to stay fit. Modern lifestyle is affected due to stress and workload. The demand of trained fitness instructors has increased day to day to get the perfect instruction in exercise. Fitness has emerged both as a lucrative business opportunity and a sustainable career option.  It is not just the celebrities and the rich who want to stay fit, but the fitness bug has stung a large chunk of professional urbanites.

Physical fitness is not just about staying healthy, it is also about looking good and leading an active life.

10. Electrician 

The job of Electrician is to fix the electrical product and maintain them in Home and office. Without electricity, you can’t imagine life. Electricity is essential for the life now. Most of the Electricians are self-employed because not due to an everyday job. If you become an electrical contractor, you can earn more than other skilled employees. 

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