Top 10 Magazines for IAS Preparation you must add to your Book list

top 10 magazines for IAS Preparation

As we know books are the best friends. Just like books various magazines on current affairs are the extra reading for Civil Service Examination. Here Will discuss the list of top 10 Magazines for IAS preparation.

There are numerous numbers of magazines available in the market, but you don’t need to read all of those. As different magazines are written by different authors that means by reading different magazines you can widen your knowledge bank.

You Must know this information before Preparing for IAS Exam.

If you are confused about, “which magazine to read and which not to” then we are here to help you out.

top 10 magazine for IAS PreparationThe below mentioned are the worthful magazines that you should go through.

List of Top 10 Magazines for IAS Preparation

These Magazines are published monthly with new and updated information. As IAS preparation need more information to practice, these magazines will help you to grab the required information from various subjects.

Most of the magazines are available at the book store near to you. Few are available on Amazon [ Link given with Book Name] you can grab on.

  1. Yojana
  2. Monthly Review by PRS
  3. Economic and Political Weekly
  4. Frontline
  5. Science Reporter
  6. Kurukshetra
  7. Down to Earth
  8. Pratiyogita Darpan
  9. Geography and You
  10. World Focus

Let’s discuss more for each magazine with feature and benefits.

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yojana Magazine_ Magazine for IAS PreparationYojana is a monthly magazine published by the Government of India. It endeavors to promote socio-economic issues. Yojana presents a balanced picture by portraying both pros and cons.

Yojana is published in thirteen different languages like English, Hindi, Assamese, Telugu, Gujarati, Bengali, Urdu, Punjabi, Marathi, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam and Oriya. This is helpful for the aspirants in facing the Main exam and the Interview as well.

The candidates are advised to read the Yojana only after you have finished reading the NCERTs and basic study material.

Monthly Review by PRS provides a concise analysis of Bills introduced in Parliament, background research notes on issues of national importance, statistics, graphs and data analysis on Parliament activity and legislation.

Besides all this PRS aims to have interactive sessions for the exchange of ideas on key policy issues between MPs and an expert in the field during the Parliamentary session.

This is one of the magazines you will find the expert analysis reports for the political issue.

Economic and Political Weekly is the oldest and noteworthy magazine that covers debates on straddling economics, politics, sociology, culture, the environment, and numerous other disciplines.

It is helpful for the aspirants in giving an analytical aspect to their answers in Mains and also in Interview as well.

Rather than getting the information from an unverified source follow this for correct information along with expert analysis.

You can also follow the official website of Economic and Political Weekly free if you are not getting the magazine from the store.

Frontline is published by the Hindu group. It covers the wide range of topics like from politics to social issues, art and culture to environment and cinema, etc.

It is characterized by both domestic and International affairs.

This is one of the magazines will add more value to your English Skills. The presentation techniques are awesome with the correct fact and figure.

No doubt this is one of the magazines followed by from IAS applicants to businessman to get the glimpse of the events with analysis.

I personally love this book.

Science Reporter MagazineScience Reporter is one of the oldest science monthlies published in India by the National Institute of Science Communication and Information Resources, a government agency based in New Delhi.

The foremost aim of the Science reporter is to update the commoners about the scientific developments and achievements of India in the scientific field.

Science Reporter a comprehensive package of information, about the state of science in the country, matters of science policy, and discussing the future course science in India should take.

Kurukshetra is may not be as important as Yojana but you should check out this magazine. It comprises of articles related to rural India and agriculture. It would help the aspirants to know government perspective on many topics.

This magazine will help you to get the information about Govt projects related to Agriculture in the rural sector.

This magazine covers all the aspects of the Govt initiatives along with the fact and figure which you may not get from any of the Newspaper or Magazines.

Down to Earth is published in every two weeks. It consists of major concerns for commoners like environment, health and economic security.

Now Environmental thinking is the talk of the town. From the NGO to Govt, spending money to save nature with different kind of projects.

This magazine covers the details of the projects run for Environmental Concern.

Nowadays the UPSC Prelim paper is inundated with environment-related questions, this magazine might be helpful for you.

You can also follow their official website to get the information related to Environmental projects and outcomes.

Pratiyogita Darpan is one of the most sought-after magazines among the UPSC candidates.

As it covers current affairs, employment-related news, toppers’ interviews, quality articles on universal topics, solved papers of competitive exams, proves a great value to its readers.

No Doubt, you have to follow this as it is accepted by All UPSC Aspirants because of its content. This magazine is fully designed for Competitive aspirants for all Examination.

The comprehensive information of this magazine will add value to your preparation. Every day a 10 minutes reading is a valuable addition to the knowledge.

Geography and you magazine for IAS PreparationGeography and You and its parallel Bhugol and App are two bi-monthly journo-magazines that encompass various aspects of the multidisciplinary branch of semi-scientific study, significant works in different genres of science, technology, and sociology around the globe.

This magazine is helpful in answering environment and geography-based questions and one of the most sought journo-mag for the aspirants with Geography optional.

This is one of the Magazines which covers all about Geography. You will have complete in-depth information about World Geography.

This information will help you to answer the Geography related questions asked in the UPSC Exam.

world focus magazine _ best magazine for IAS PreparationWorld Focus is the foremost Indo-centric foreign affairs journal. It deliberates about international issues with an Indian perspective.

The World Focus is centered on current affairs, India and word international affairs, economic diplomacy, foreign policy, and national security issues. It is helpful for aspirants in Prelims and General Studies -2 paper of the Mains and the Personality Test.

Furthermore Reading magazines is completely upon the candidates. It is never like that if you don’t read these magazines, you would be unsuccessful in the examination but you can concise or more likely to say revise and crisp your perspective about different topics.

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IAS is treated as one of the prestigious jobs in Indian Govt, So you need to prepare fully to get the crown.

These magazines are full of information from various subjects to help you answer the questions asked in the IAS Exam.

The information available with these magazines are not only specialized for IAS preparation, but it can also improve your general knowledge skills for other Competitive Examination.

If you have any query related to the above list of magazines, let us know by commenting this Article, will revert you ASAP.

Happy Learning!!!!

Information updated on 25the April 2019.

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