Top 10 Website for IAS Preparation


Are you preparing for India’s most Prestigious Job – IAS? Will help you out by providing some good links for better preparation. We list out these top 10 Website for IAS preparation which will guide to prepare effectively and increase the chance of getting it.

Books are the main source of Basic knowledge for every aspect. Find the list of books for IAS preparation. 

Referring Good books is the best Idea to clarify your fundamental doubt and make you strong to learn more and more.

Do you know how to find Old Question papers of UPSC Exam?

As you are living in the era of internet, you must use it to amplify your preparation level by using some good websites for preparation.

Dedicated websites for IAS preparation will give you ample source of information along with guidance.

Most of the websites are run by the IAS qualified persons and it meant to enhance your success rate in IAS preparation.

You must follow their guidance to succeed in your AIM.

The website for IAS preparation and widely accepted by IAS aspirants throughout the country. Along with free study materials, you can get the information and guidance from IAS toppers from this website.

The website is regularly updated with valuable information and can be used for IAS preparation.

10 Website for IAS PreparationAndroid and iPhone Apps are also available for preparation through a smartphone.


Along with IAS Exam information, IASBaba publishes Topper’s Interview which is a good tool to know the experience of an Experienced person.

10 Website for IAS PreparationI feel this website provides maximum which is required to prepare for IAS examination.

As it is regularly updated, you must visit regularly to know the information.


It’s a nice website full of information for IAS preparation. You can get online Classes, Test Series, Study Notes, Topper’s Test Copy, Topper’s Interview and lots of Articles full of educational information for better preparation.

10 website for IAS preparation

Benefits of

  • Regularly updated content
  • Online Classes
  • Test Series
  • Study Notes
  • Topper’s Interview
  • Strategy to Crack IAS Exam


IasExamPortal is a regularly updated website for IAS Preparation. Online Crash Course is available for the students free of cost for 7 Days, after that you have to register with a small fee.

IAS preparationOnline study materials are available to download with a fee.

The best part of the website is Current Affairs Section, which is completely free and updated one for the better preparation.


The website is maintained by Mrunal Patel. The site is full of information about IAS preparation, Interview of IAS Toppers, Tips, and Techniques for Preparation along with Free study materials.

This site is mostly folloed by IAS Aspirants.


This Website is Fantastic. You can get lots of information to study for the Exam. You can buy E-books and other resources from the website.

10 websites for IAS preparation_ Civil Service India  Benefits of Civil Sevice India Website:-

  • Regularly Updated Content
  • Civil Service Exam Alert
  • Daily Current Affairs
  • IAS Discussion Forum
  • IAS Notes
  • Subject Wise Resources


The Site is best for you as it is overloaded with lots of Information. The website is daily updated with current General Knowledge and other resources.

10 Website for IAS Preparation _ IAS100

You can follow daily this website to prepare effectively for IAS Exam.

8.. Prepare

Subject wise Resources are available to practice IAS exam. This is the only website you can prepare IAS Exam in Hindi mode also.

This is regularly updated website to follow for IAS preparation.


For the better preparation, you need a discussion forum to discuss with other aspirants.

10 Website for IAS Preparation _ civilsdaily

Civils Daily is a platform to discuss IAS Exam. You can also get the information and study suggestions from different Toppers, Educators, and Aspirants.

You have to create your profile to start the discussion.


Ias Passion website is the combination of both Discussion Forum and resources for IAS preparation.

Along with reading from it, you can discuss openly for your Education Query.

You can also get IAS interview question and Guidelines from the experts.


All the above websites are best to prepare IAS examination online. You can download the study materials also free of cost or by paying some fees for it.

In few website, you can also attain Mock Test for Better preparation.

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