Know these Top 10 Youtube Channel for IIT JEE Preparation


Learning concepts from textbooks isn’t always the best or the most entertaining way. All of us fall prey to YouTube videos at some point. Using them for JEE preparation is something which would save a lot of your time as well make some important concepts clearer and explain some of the harder ones. Know these Top 10 Youtube Channel for IIT JEE Preparation, have some really decent content which will surely speed up your preparation process and surely make it more fun and less grueling.

Yes, Youtube Channels are free and easy to learn.

top-10-youtube-channel-for-iit-jee-preparationThese are the Youtube Channels which will help you to prepare IIT JEE effectively.

  1. Takshzila Shikshak

It is a channel which is very famous for helping students clear CAT and GRE. They have some really brilliant videos in probability, permutations, and combinations. The instructor is very experienced and he explains the underlying concepts which ease.

Regularly updated videos for competitive examination will clarify your doubt and help you to prepare exam easily from home.

  • Number of Videos: 500+
  • Subscriber: 73053
  • Total Views : 10,334,213
  1. Ajnish Gupta

It is a very good source to clear some of your doubts in organic chemistry. Ajnish Gupta will drive some of your fears related to organic chemistry away. The concepts are properly explained and the channel is dedicated to JEE level organic chemistry.

You can easily learn fundamentals of chemistry from these videos for your preparation.

  • Number of Videos: 130+
  • Subscriber: 11623
  • Total Views : 1,437,584
  1. IITJEE Master

The videos are very short and are aimed at helping you increase your speed while solving some of the tricky problems of Physics. Some time spent watching these videos can motivate you to try and find smarter approaches to solving JEE problems.

You can also order 700 hours of HD quality video lectures with a single SD Card of 32 GB with a reasonable price.

  • Number of Videos: 733+
  • Subscriber: 6055
  • Views : 653,453
  1. Rao IIT Academy 

Rao Academy is a very well known academy who offer coaching for JEE mains and advanced. Some of their videos are available online. The content quality of the videos is decent enough to help you crack the intense JEE exams.

  • Number of Videos : 733+
  • Subscriber: 44213
  • Views : 6,748,445

  1. MIT Open Course Ware

If what you are planning is an in-depth understanding of concepts, you should try MIT Open Course Ware. Some of the courses offered there are of JEE level and will really give you an edge over the others.

The mission of MIT is intact with this channel to educate students in science and technology. The videos of MIT is clear and easy to learn.

  • Number of Videos: 3899+
  • Subscriber : 1,043,254
  • Views : 96,367,769

  1. Physics Galaxy for JEE mains

They have some really good videos which will help you gather enough courage to attempt your main’s Physics paper with utmost ease. It is a channel worth trying if you want better Physics score in JEE mains.

All those videos about Physics are prepared by Ashish Arora one of the best Physics teachers in India.

Physics Galaxy is more popular among the students preparing for the IIT-JEE examination.

  • Number of Videos: 6525+
  • Subscriber: 30503
  • Views : 9,889,872

  1. Pradeep Kshetrapal 

Another channel only for Chemistry lecture along with Physics Galaxy. Classroom lecture videos mixed with Hindi and English language will help the students to learn better.

By this channel, you can learn Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Computer, Biology, and English. Different videos are uploaded for the students in the different chapter with respective lectures.

  • Number of Videos: 6525+
  • Subscriber: 85190
  • Views : 13,760,367
  1. Michael Van Biezen

This a channel you should visit on a lazy day when you have no motivation left. The videos are simply splendid and you will learn and acquire a lot from them.

Channel contains video lectures of Physics, Chemistry, Astronomy, Math and Mechanical Engineering. Video explains the fundamental concepts of physics with easy explanatory examples wich is easy to understand by the students.

  • Number of Videos: 4544+
  • Subscriber : 126,045
  • Views :  26,522,720
  1. Mohit Tyagi

Mohit is a graduate from IIT Delhi. His understanding approach towards Maths is admirable. His videos are aimed at students preparing for JEE. His videos are crisp and to the point.

Math is the most hated subject by the aspirants always but these videos clarify your doubt by a simpler method.

  • Number of Videos: 1249
  • SSubscriber:11839
  • Views :  33,60,525
  1. mLearning

The videos of mLearning are informative and well placed. It is a good source for beginners to find their way around complex JEE problems. Videos are prepared by different lectures to fulfill the needs of the students.  Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Biology subjects are covered by this channel.

  • Number of Video : 4377
  • Subscriber : 57,125
  • Views :  9,014,716

Conclusion :

These 10 YouTube Channels are the good source to prepare IIT-JEE Examination. If you are planning to study at home rather than going to physical lecture, these channels will boost your intention.

Just you need a good internet connection to prepare with this channel live.

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