Top 10 YouTube Channel for IAS Preparation


IAS or Civil Preparation has gone through drastic changes in the recent years and aspirants cannot limit themselves to the books. Today, exploring the web content has become vital and YouTube is one of the best resources available for IAS preparation. Let’s discover some Youtube channel for IAS Preparation.

We have already discussed Top 10 Website which will help you in IAS preparation.

Youtube is completely Free and can be accessible for anywhere from any device. The Video lessons are more powerful than content.

As the internet is now accessible at a low cost and Smartphones are reached even if rural areas, you can access any of the websites easily.

Education content is growing online with a low cost due to an increase of user.

It’s easy to prepare for IAS Online by using these website and youtube channels from home.

Top 10 Youtube Channel for IAS preparationTop 10 YouTube channels for IAS preparation

We are discussing here 10 youtube channel which will help you in IAS Preparation.


AFE IAS_ IAS Preparation

  • Subscribers: 100,928 subscribers
  • YouTuber: Dr. Vijay Agrawal

Dr. Vijay Agrawal is a former civil service servant who qualified civil service in 1983. The channel goes through all the important aspects that are needed for civil service preparation. It is a reliable channel for all those aspirants who starts as a beginner.

This YouTube channel has got its own website –

This Youtube Channel is regularly updated with information, Tips, and Techniques to prepare for IAS effectively.

2) Unacademy

IAS preparation_ Unacademy

  • Subscribers: 1,140,446 subscribers
  • Videos: 3650
  • YouTuber: Ex-IAS Officer Roman Saini

The channel was started by an ex IAS officer Roman Saini and his friend Gaurav Munjal. Now it is multi-authored and Lessons are shared by educators throughout the country. All lessons are completely free for aspirants.

Unacademy is providing quality video content emphasizing on civil aspirants as well as other competitive Examination like Banking, Railway, Medical, and Engineering.

It is a must subscribe channel to watch current affair issues, preparation strategy by IAS toppers, and much more.

I love this Channel.

3) Vision IAS

IAS Preparation _ Vision IAS

  • Subscribers: 237,287 subscribers
  • YouTuber: A group of former IAS toppers

VISION IAS is one of the prominent and leading training institutions which has been motivating civil aspirants from past. The institute’s YouTube channel has guest lecture classes ideal for a civil aspirant.

The innovative and fast-tracked courses offered by this channel are astonishing.

4) Mrunal Patel

  • Subscribers: 363,757 subscribers
  • YouTuber: Mrunal Patel

Mrunal Patel provides free guidance, study material, and tips for government exams in India like Civil Services, CSAT, Banking-sector, IBPS, CPF, APFC, CAT, CMAT, GPSC and other  State PSC, etc.

He has been associated himself with various non-profitable websites and coaching institutes. It is one of the best YouTube channels for all those aspirants who are on a low budget.


  • Subscribers: 76,604 subscribers
  • YouTuber: KALYAN SIR

Over 700 videos on this channel, Kalyan sir has been providing a vital information on random topics which can come handy while preparing for civil exams. This is a must watch channel for all those civil aspirants who want to update themselves for current affairs. He is also associated with a website

6) Mahesh Kulkarni

IAS Preparation _ Mahesh Kulkarni

  • Subscribers: 36,708 subscribers
  • YouTuber: Mahesh Kulkarni

Mahesh Kulkarni in association with the website provides a compelling playlist of videos which are free for all those aspirants who are preparing for civil services examinations.

The videos are also helpful to prepare for CDS, NDA, Olympiad and other competitive examination.

7) PT education HQ

IAS Preparation _ PT Education HQ

  • Subscribers: 213,132 subscribers
  • YouTuber: Sandeep Manudhane sir

PT education is India’s leading education and training enterprise since 1993. Sandeep Manudhane sir in association with this channel provides a self-preparation guide for all the civil aspirants.

There are only a few of the content available for IAS but suggested content in the videos are helpful.

8) IAS with Ojaank Sir

IAS Preparation_ IAS with Ojaank Sir

  • Subscribers: 67,849 subscribers
  • YouTuber: Ojaank Sir and his team

This channel is an ideal channel for preparing for IAS. It provides a scheduled strategy for countering all the major segments of IAS (Optional, GS, C-SAT, Current affairs).

The Ojaank foundation organizes seminars and workshops alongside with civil servants for all the civil aspirants.

9) Rajya Sabha TV

IAS Preparation _ RajyaSabha TV

  • Subscribers: 527,713 subscribers
  • YouTuber: Official Channel of the Upper House of the Indian Parliament

The channel is owned by Rajya Sabha which is helpful for all the aspirants to prepare for current affairs. It focuses on various video sections like World Panorama, history talk, etc.

10) Lok Sabha TV

IAS Preparation _ Loksabha TV

  • Subscribers: 113,594 subscribers
  • YouTuber: Official Channel of Lok Sabha

The channel gets all the major updates from the lower parliament of the house. The various programs relating to democracy, governance, social, economic and constitutional issues and citizens’ concerns give an edge to all the IAS aspirants.

Hope this list of Youtube Channel for IAS Preparation will guide you to secure a rank in Civil service Examination.

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