Top 10 YouTube Channels for MBA Preparation


When it comes to the preparation, we all prefer Video content rather than text one. It’s easy to understand.  

Here will discuss top 10 YouTube Channels for MBA preparation. 

As these YouTube channels are run by reputed educators, it’s trustworthy to follow.  

Regular video uploads will help you with new contents for preparation. 

How to Follow these YouTube Channels for MBA Preparation? 

To get the updates from these YouTube Channels you must Subscribe to the Channel and Click the Bell Icon of Each Channel to get the notification.  

You will get a Mail notification for every new content they upload.  

Be participating in the discussion by commenting your question to the Videos, it will help you to get the new content for the Educators.   

What is the Minimum Qualification to Apply for any MBA Entrance Examination? 

List of Top 10 YouTube Channel for MBA Preparation 

Top 10 YouTube Channels for MBA PreparationWhy follow these YouTube channels when n number of Channels are available free for you? 

You have to follow the best from the crowd to crack any of the Management Entrance Examination. 

All these channels are managed by the professionals and contents are trustworthy to follow.  

  1. Unacademy  
  2. 2IIMCAT 
  3. HitBullsEye 
  4. Endeavor 
  5. Byju’s Classes 
  6. Cetking 
  7. Takshzila Shikshak 
  8. IMSLearning Resources 
  9. HandaKaFunda 
  10. Learners Planet 

How to Use these YouTube Channels for MBA Preparation?

To use these YouTube channels, you must Subscribe to the channels to get the regular updates.

These YouTube channels are free and can be used at any time – anywhere.

Unacademy is one of the best YouTube Channel to follow for Competitive Preparation. Channel is multi-authored and regularly updated.

This is one of the most loved channels by Student with 27 lakhs Subscriber base. 6340 Videos are there to learn.

Also, this channel crossed 22 Cr views and counting.

2IIMCat channel complete focus on MBA Entrance Examination and most of the Videos are uploaded by Rajesh Balsubramanian.

His clear and concise concepts will help you prepare any of the Management Entrance Examination easily from home.

You can also opt for paid courses from his Website

HitBullsEye is the multi-authored focused on MBA Entrance Exam as well as Banking Preparation.

Regular update videos will help you to reach the right study materials in an early stage of your preparation.

Along with the Free resources of YouTube videos you can also opt for Paid classes from their Website.

Endeavor is one of the premium Training Institute for Competitive Preparation located across the country.

All videos are regularly updated which is prepared by Faculty of the Endeavor Institute.

Along with Study materials, you also get the guidance to prepare the Exam effectively.

youtube Channel for MBA PreparationNo Need to Explain about Byju’s Classes, one of the premier names in Competitive Exam preparation Field.

It claims, the addition of fun and technology in the learning to give a better experience to the students. The videos are widely acceptable in school level due to easy in learning.

This is one of the best channels for Kids to MBA aspirants for their career need.

CETKing is monitored by Rav Singh Director of Cetking Education. All the videos are made by him and he completely focused on MBA preparation tips, techniques along with Study materials.

If you are looking for any particular channel for Quantitative preparation, Takshzila Shikshak is one of the best choices.

The channel complete focus on Mathematics formulas and techniques for competitive Preparation.

Channel is having 1.5 lakh subscriber base with 262 videos which were watched by 62 lakh times since inception.

IMS Learning Resources is one of the best among offline coaching provider for any competitive preparation.

You will get more information related to any of the Competitive examination from this channel.

Handakafunda channel managed by Ravi Handa one of the most popular names in MBA aspirants.

Channel is having 194 videos with the 34k Subscriber base.

I like his style of teaching and materials what he delivers in the lecture. The channel complete focused on MBA Entrance Examination like CAT, SNAP, IIFT, and XAT.

The learners Planet YouTube channel can be used for all competitive Examination along with MBA Entrance. You can find materials from all subjects asked in a Competitive Exam.

Why use these YouTube Channels for your MBA Preparation?

YouTube Channels are free and can be used by your Smartphone also.

Video materials are impressive and easy to remember than Text materials.

No Need to travel to learn techniques will find more time to learn.

Regular updates from the channel will give you more space in terms of Materials which can widen your preparation level.

You can use these Top 10 Books for MBA Preparation.

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