Top 5 Career Trend in India


India is growing rapidly with the world and creating new opportunity for the students to choose the career option . On the changing scenario the scopes are widely open and information are available to judge .  Career trends are now industry centric and focus more quality of knowledge in a particular field of operation.

top 5 career trend_2Choose the right career trend is the really tough for the students and parents as well. Now more concern in career trend is , Job Security, Professional Growth, pay Check and Facilities of the work station rather than only salary package.

By taking consideration such factors , there are many options to choose , but the few career trends chosen by most of the students across country.

Career in Software Industry :-

Rapid growth , good life style , hefty pay cheque attracts most of the students to do the Engineering course. There are various opportunity in IT Sector for freshers . Most of the company designed the course to fit the requirements without training or small training at the job. As most of the country outsourced their IT work from India , it is the better career trend in India.

Career in Banking and Finance :-

The finance field is consists of wide range of job opportunity in India. Career trend in Finance includes , Sales force in Fiance to operation and consulting . The lucrative pay cheque is the main factor to attract the students for the Finance career. The Growth of Banking Industry added the value of the Fiance also. Te remuneration factor always depend upon area of work , Specialization and area of standard of the organisation.

Career in Management :-

Management field is the most preferable career trend among young talents. This field offers to show case the talents with creativity . For the management post most of the Organisation pay huge amount of salary package also. This career option chosen by most of the young professional for better scope in professional growth and work style.

Career In Medical :-

Career in Medical is the old trend and still students are like this field to work. Career trend in Medical field is the most preferable career option among the students through out world. Over the year the sector has gone through tremendous changes and added more sub field of options for the students. Medical sector is treated as prestigious and safety job.

Career in Fashion :-

The trend in fashion is always Hot. Career trend in this sector is wide and acceptable by any of creative students. Fashion is the demanding sector as well. This sector is also competitive and highly rewarding to the work also. From foot ware to clothing, there are so many options are available to choose the specialization in Fashion career.  It always rewards the talents .

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