Use this Top 5 Job Oriented Courses to Start your Income from Zero


In today’s time, you cannot rely only on the degree. It is a well-known fact that degree may help you in getting a job after graduation but an additional job-oriented course can provide you a good salary and better future from the very first day. You have to look out this top 5 Job Oriented Courses to Start your income from Zero.

In case you are looking for a list of courses that you can join this year to get a good high paying job, the following list will definitely help you in it.

Mastering any one of the below courses will give you instant income as a freelancer or you can join a company for the salary.

These courses will give you the skills to start your own venture to earn the money also.

It is true that there are 100s of job-oriented programs available which you can join. However, the job perspective in these five courses is very high and the demand for experts in the fields is not going down anytime soon.

So, Let’s start! Understand the courses to join.

Web Designing

Every day you are using the Internet to surf your desired answer, from Games to Entertainment and News to Education. For that, you need a Webpage to read or view your desired result.

Making an online income is totally possible through Webdesign : you can read this article if you want to make money from Webdesign.

Top 5 Job Oriented Courses
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A professional course in Web Designing will cover different aspects of designing a good user as well as admin interface for a website. By joining this course you can either find a job in a reputed web development company or can work as a freelancer as well.

There are a number of institutes that have courses in Web Designing. Generally, a good Web Designing course runs for 1 year. However, there are short terms courses for 3-months and 6-months as well. This course covers software and coding languages like Flash, Fireworks, and Photoshop, Dreamweaver, CSS, Net, HTML, PHP, and JavaScript etc.

VFX and Animation

You cannot deny the importance of VFX and Animation in almost every single movie and TV series you follow. These courses include subjects like visual effects, animation, 3D technology, graphics etc. Graduates from this course can easily find a good job in any media house and animation studio. If you have skills, the work will flow automatically.

VFX and Animation
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Industry You can Join By this Course:-

  • Film and Media
  • Online Media
  • Print Media
  • Advertising Media
  • E-Learning
  • Gaming

Hardware and Networking

This job profile has been active for last few decades. Since the increase in the number of computers in every company, the demand for Hardware and Networking experts have skyrocketed all around the world.

Hardware and Networking
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There are many Hardware and Networking courses which may include following topics:

  • N+
  • Network Security
  • MNA
  • Cisco
  • Security+
  • Red Hat Certification
  • Diploma In Computer Hardware
  • Diploma In Networking
  • Certification in Hardware and Networking
  • Linux

Once you complete the course, it will become very easy to get a job in the IT industry as a System administrator, Network administrator, System Engineer, Technical Engineer/Computer, Hardware Engineer, Network Engineer etc.

Hotel Management

The world is well connected now. There are a large number of high profile hotels where they need highly qualified experts in the field of Hotel Management and Hospitality. This course can land you in a job almost immediately.

This course includes Hotel and restaurant management, Cruise ship hotel management, Hospital Administration and Catering, Hotel and Tourism associations, Airline Catering and Cabin services, Club management, Forest Lodges, Guest Houses etc.

You can get a job as General Managers, Resident Managers, Executive Housekeepers, Front Office Managers, and Convention Services Managers in various Top Companies.

As tourism and travel are the most sought industry now, you can plan your career in the same to get the job immediately.

Mass Communication

Have you ever tried to check the number of news channels and newspapers active in your country? The number is huge.

A Mass Communication graduate can land a job in both print and electronic media. You can find a job in films & TV, publishing, public relations, journalism, editing, Blog Writing, News Website etc.

Career in Mass Communication

Some of the job profiles are:

  • Public Relations Officer
  • Special Correspondent
  • TV Correspondent
  • Anchor
  • Blog Writer
  • Content Creator

I am sure, in the mass communication course, you can earn at the time of learning also by writing the article and managing social media for other websites in freelancing mode.

If you want to earn money after your Graduation or at the time of learning, these courses will help you to earn pocket money for you as well as take you to your dream plan of future.

Not even you earn money by short term, you can also make that as a career choice.

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