Top 5 Reasons Why School Education is Most Important for Your Child


In a country where almost three million children live on the streets it could be easily guessed that school education for most of them is a dream. Statistics show that lea than 50% of children living in India get access to school education and out of which only 15% complete school. These sad facts trigger us to re-evaluate the education situation in our country and stress on the importance of sending children to schools that open a whole different avenue for them.

School education for childrenFirstly when a child is send to a school it becomes her or his first exposure to the world outside his known surrounding. Thus a child slowly develops the ability to mold themselves, adjust and take a lesson in judging what is good for them and what is not. These skills greatly help an individual when they venture as adults into newer areas. Secondly school education for a child can be considered the building block of his educational career and often determine what career they want to pursue or the kind of jobs they want to avail. These decisions which an adult takes for their future are heavily influenced by the way they perceive their school education. School education thus maximizes their decision taking ability.

Thirdly in schools children get a firsthand experience of how to tackle with little study pressures and things in general. They understand the value to prioritize things and be systematic in their working. A set of inbuilt discipline is born in them as instilled by the schools. Fourthly school education lays the basis for living a balanced and ethical life. The different things one studies in school influences a child’s mind to lead a certain kind of life that is best suited for them. One understands what is needed for oneself that may not match with the others.

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Fifthly and most importantly, school education becomes a teaching platform to face bigger challenges in life. A child meets myriad situations in school which tests his ability to face difficult challenges in future. It becomes the place where she or he is able to interact with other people of their own age of different mindsets. All in all, schools serve to initiate a child to a world and impart education in an environment that teaches them valuable lessons for their future life.

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