Top 8 YouTube Channel for NEET Preparation (Updated April 2019)


YouTube is the best tool to prepare any of the competitive examinations from home. Today I will discuss the top 8 YouTube Channel for NEET Preparation.

If you have not applied for NEET 2019, here is the complete information related to the Application Procedure.

Which are the tools are you using for NEET Preparation?

There are various methods to prepare for any of the competitive examinations. Below are the most accepted methods used by Competitive Aspirants.

  • Offline classes
  • Online Live Classes
  • Youtube Channels
  • Websites
  • Mobile Apps 

If you are looking for the best Coaching centers for NEET preparation, Check this: Top 5 Coaching Institutes for NEET Preparation. 

But in the age of the internet, most of the aspirants are looking for time-saving tools along with the right kind of study materials.

Live classes are more powerful than the Books and Article to prepare any of the Examination.

As time and place are constant, it is not possible for all the aspirants to attain live classes.

Those aspirants are interested to learn from live classes and not able to attain due to time and classes are not near to you, YouTube is the best tools for them.

Top 8 YouTube Channel forWhy are Youtube Channels the Best Tools for Competitive Preparation?

YouTube is not only spread the entertainment, but it also helps the learner to grab the knowledge to enhance the career path.

As internet cost is negligible and smartphones are reached to every palm, it’s easy to access YouTube from anywhere anytime.

YouTube is completely Free and easy to access.

As it pays a handsome amount of advertisement fees to the publisher, you can find many experienced professionals are spreading knowledge through their YouTube Channels.

You are living in the age of the Internet and smartphones are treated as the best friend of the human being.

YouTube can be accessed through smartphones anywhere and everywhere easily.

Data revolution added benefit to online learning. High volume data can be accessed by paying a little amount.

Top 8 YouTube Channel for NEET Preparation

Let’s discuss the top 8 YouTube Channel which will help you in NEET 2018 Preparation.

These YouTube channels are hand picked by me but not in the ranking. You can subscribe to these channels to get the notification when they upload new learning videos.

All the below YouTube channels are maintained by the professionals, no doubt you will get the right kind of education from these channels.

  1. Khan Academy
  2. Exam Fear Education
  3. Akash iTutor
  4. m Learning India
  5. Etoos Education
  6. Unacademy
  7. Resonance Eduventures
  8. Byju’s Classes

Analysis of 8 YouTube Channel for NEET Preparation

These Youtube Channels can be accessed free of cost from Desktop/Laptop or Mobile device.

  1. Khan Academy 

For Physics, Chemistry, and Biology I will suggest following Khan Academy youtube channel.

If you are not able to search particular video from the youtube, can redirect from its official website.  

8 YouTube Channel for NEET Preparation_ Khan Academy

Channel is having 39 lakhs Subscriber base, widely accepted by the learners. Till today channel has already crossed 148 cr views.

Lessons in this channel are clear, concise and easy to understand. All the lessons are made by Professions of the Khan Academy.

2. Exam Fear Education 

This Channel contains more than 5600 video lessons on Physics, Maths, Chemistry, Biology, and English. This is one of the best channels for NEET Preparation.

8 YouTube Channel for NEET Preparation_ Exam Fear Education

More than 5 lakh subscribers are learning from Exam Fear Education Channel.

What about you?

You can follow and subscribe to this channel to get the updates of new lessons.

3. Akash iTutor

Akash iTutor, no need to introduce to you. A well-known Teaching assistance provider for 26 years for Medical and Engineering entrance preparation.

You can access both Cass room and Self-study at an affordable cost from Akash iTutor.

8 YouTube Channel for NEET Preparation_ Akash ITutor

1.7 lakh subscribers are learning from the YouTube channels of Akash iTutor, what about you? You can subscribe to the channel to get the notification about new lessons for the owner.

All the contents of the lessons are well articulated and delivered by the experienced trainer.

4. M Learning India

Planning to prepare for IIT, NEET, and NTSE from home, M Learning Youtube Channel is one of the best resources to follow.

By using M Learning India Youtube Channel, will feel the classroom on your Laptop/ Desktop/ Smartphone.

8 YouTube Channel for NEET Preparation_Mlearning India

5. Etoos Education

Etoos is one of the well-known Education infrastructure providers in South Korea. The company enters into India by setting up an Institute in Kota- Rajasthan and started providing the solution for IIT- JEE, Pre-Medical and CBSE Preparation.

Etoos Education in India

Till today 4.6 lakh subscribers are learning free from Etoos India YouTube Channels. Subscribe this channel to get updates on Free lessons.

6. Unacademy

No doubt Unacademy is India’s 1st Free No 1 YouTube channel and accepted by 18.5 lakhs subscriber.

Started by Roman Saini one of the youngest IAS officer and MBBS holder. Initially, it provides free education to IAS Preparation but now you can find Lessons from Banking preparation to Medical preparation.

8 YouTube Channel for NEET Preparation_ UnacademyFor NEET preparation, you have to search and check out specific videos related to NEET preparation.

This is one of the multi-author educational channels by which you can get the session around the country from the best educator.

Will suggest to subscribe to this channel and learn from it.

7. Resonance Eduventures

This is one of the best channels to follow if you are preparing for JEE Main, NEET and CBSE.
8 YouTube Channel for NEET Preparation_ Resonance

Till today 1000 numbers of videos are available for the learner in this channel. All these videos are developed by the team of Resonance Eduventures.

You can follow these channels for your NEET Preparation.

8. Byju’s Classes

If you are looking for the Best technology for your preparation, Byju’s Classes is the 1st Choice.

8 YouTube Channel for NEET Preparation_ Byju's ClassesBy following this channel, you can able to prepare for your NEET exam.

Conclusion: All the above youtube channels are the best in their lecture delivery for NEET preparation. You just have to subscribe them for your better career path.

Updated on 18th April 2019.

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