Why Should you Track Your Time Every Day


Time Mangement

Why Should you Track your time every Day ? You have to  ask this question yourself. Every thing can be unlimited , but Time is always limited. From you to President every body has only 24 Hour per day to do the task . This 24 hour is only for you and it depends how you spend your time.

Management of time is not so difficult , you have to organize your time with priorities for the best result. You have to figure out which is killing your time very much and what the importance of that and what is the attention required to minimize the spending time to the same work. It requires more attention than other. The divisional of responsibility will define the time length.

Prioritized the responsibilities in to categories , which will give you clear understanding about your mission and vision to the life.

Time is Money, If you spend wisely it will add value to your life. 

Core Duties :-

Core Duties is the most important in every bodies life. It includes your job and responsibility to earn money. It will capture most of the time from your time length. Don’t try to extend the time length for your core duties. Overlapping of core duties to the personal time will create hectic schedule to your personal life.  Prepare your self to finish the core duty in the time to enjoy the rest one.

Personal growth :-

Ask a question to your self , How much time you are spending per day for your personal Growth ? The activity you involved to enhance your skills , Financial Security and networking is the most important and always give some time to it. It minimize the pressure level in your life and you can enjoy the time that you spend . It must be within your schedule and prioritize the time for it.

Administrative Tasks :-

To Live you must have to entitled to the some of the administrative tasks. Checking the mails, Time Sheets , expenses Report , understand the Home Requirements , Financial plannings is the main administrative tasks that you have to preform very well within the time frame. These tasks are required in day to day life and you must have to do in the right way with a time sheet. If you postpone your time schedule for administrative task it will kill your other time and will give you problem.

Crises Make Up :-

Life is uncertain, you must have schedule the time to make up in crises if aeries. Urgent matters, Unplanned Meetings and last minute tasks is always break up your schedule. You must have to aware of the time length to finish the unplanned one.

So track your time in every stage to get the better result.

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