Two Students Cracking CAT with a near -perfect 99.99%



Arnav Pareek and Prabhav Gupta, two aspiring management student from Jaipur scored a near-perfect 99.99 percentile in Common Admission Test (CAT) 2015, results of which were declared on Friday evening. Arnav Pareek who is a chemical engineer from IIT-Banaras Hindu University (BHU), prepared for CAT along with a job in a leading MNC while Prabha Gupta is a student from BITS Pilani. The remarkable achievement of the two has left the nation in awe of such talent as CAT being one of the toughest exams of the country.

Pareek stated, “I worked for a year. Engineering adds to managerial skills, and can open several avenues to excel in life. After my post-graduation, I wanted to have a close look at how the corporate world works” who is currently looking at jobs in the finance sector. Prabhav Gupta made a good point when he remarked about students who are slogging at the coaching institutes in Kota. He stated, “I fail to understand why students and their parents don’t realise that other than engineering there are other good professions like that of CA, a trainer, researcher. The percentage of students from IITs who have a salary package in crores is just 1% or 2%.

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Both Prabhav and Pareek have steady goals and are looking forward to a future where they can give something in return to the society. Both of them have stated that only discipline and regular hard work can make a person come closer to their goals. The scores have been just a stepping stone for both of them and these young talents now aiming at converting them into desired seats in their respective sectors.

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